Webinars on Intelligent Information Management

Learn how to tackle your biggest information management challenges from industry consultants, analysts, and expert users via live and on-demand webinars.

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Driving Digital Change With O365 & Intelligent Information Management – Don't Get Left Behind

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to truly connect the dots - from O365, to network folders, line of business applications, and beyond!

Working Faster and Smarter in a Digital Transforming World With 5 Essential Capabilities

In this webinar, we’ll share the 5 Essential Capabilities every digital transformation initiative needs to succeed.

Information Governance Plans Stalling? 5 Things You Need for the "Secret Sauce"

In this webinar, learn the five things you must have as part of your Governance plans and strategies.

5 Key Factors for Document Automation Proof of Concept Success

In this webinar, we’ll show you five key factors for document automation PoC success including: how to properly scope a PoC with a core framework, what is needed before the PoC, and how to compare outcomes to success criteria & evaluate PoC results.

Using AI to Easily Automate All of Your Correspondence Channels – Paper, Fax, Email, Chat-Bots, & More

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to get more out of your existing content with Artificial Intelligence in very achievable ways.

The Pros & Cons of Cloud Content Services: An Evaluation Criteria That Will Make Business Users & IT Happy

In this webinar, we'll identify the various patterns – pros and cons – that emerge along the journey to the cloud so that you can better determine its suitability for your unique use case.

From Physical to Digital: Make Your Paperless Office Dream a Reality

In this webinar, we demonstrate how automated document workflows and process mapping tools can help a variety of businesses and organizations streamline processes.

The Metamorphosis of Content Services: 5 Ways That Automation, Integration, and Intelligence Are Redefining This Strategy

In this webinar, we explore how integration, automation, and intelligence capabilities can be used to connect people, processes, and content across organizations.

Striving for Better Business Outcomes? Who Isn’t! Learn How a New Generation of Workflow Tools Enables Cooperation between Business and IT

In this webinar, we’ll show how adaptable and flexible intelligent automation tools make cooperation between business and IT a reality.

Digital & Paper: Minimize Risk and Embrace Opportunity Through Digital Transformation

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to put the ‘intelligent’ in “Intelligent Information Management” by using two frames of reference: Risk and Opportunity.
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