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Waste Disposal

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Does your organization hoard or purge information? This whitepaper will explain how a properly executed information governance plan will decrease your exposure to risk while making you more effective. Information is created and accumulates at eye-popping speed. But not all of this information is created equal. Proper information governance includes getting rid of information that no longer has any value to the organization.

ECM in the Information Age

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We are heavily into the information age. Information is a competitive advantage - to some organizations it's even a form of currency. It's an old mantra, but a true one: you need to provide the right information to the right person at the right time (regardless of where the information "lives" or what device is used to access it).

Records Management in SharePoint 2013: It's Not an Oxymoron

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Setting up records management in SharePoint is certainly no task for the timid. Instead of asking whether SharePoint 2013 can manage your records, the better question for many organizations will be which approach to use: the SharePoint Records Center or in-place records management. In this whitepaper, we'll look at both and provide a framework to determine which is right for your organization.

14 Steps to a Successful ECM Implementation

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Making an ECM implementation work requires planning and attention to detail. While this may look like any other technology implementation, it is not. ECM is a complex set of technologies that work together. The best  way to create the right solution is to identify organizational goals and priorities. Common drivers include enabling easy access and retrieval of content, as well as, reducing risk and meeting regulatory requirements.

Social Business: 8 Steps to an Effective Strategy

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Establishing your organization’s strategy for integrating social media technologies into your business is a step often overlooked in favor of implementation. “Just do it” or “just make it work and I don’t care how” attitudes without the benefit of strategy can lead to mistakes. Don't let your competition leap ahead of you. This checklist will walk you through eight steps to developing an effective social business strategy.

Records Management Governance in 12 Easy Steps

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Professionals across many industries continue to face significant records management challenges. Traditionally focused on maintaining physical records, companies now must find ways to manage a rising tide of electronic information. Those that fail to update and standardize their records management capabilities may bear higher operational costs, which during an economic downturn could have a multiplying impact on your bottom line. 

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