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As a member, you get exclusive access to bi-annual leadership summits comprised of leading solution providers, executive business users, and analysts. Together, the members of the Leadership Council identify and articulate market opportunities ahead of the curve.

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2021 Summit Series

Designed for industry leaders, visionaries, and thought leaders, this intimate and exclusive summit series creates a dynamic space for conversations and collaboration. The goal of these summits is to identify industry opportunities, address gaps, and create a road map to propel the industry forward. Join us to collaborate and share your vision.

December 8 [Virtual]: Our industry approaches and mindsets will be challenged and informed by perspectives from leading information management executives. 

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Your membership benefits package includes:

Thought Leadership
AIIM on Air Podcast Interview - Participate in a one-on-one interview on the AIIM On Air Podcast, which generates over 10,000 downloads per month.

Unlimited Guest Posts on The AIIM Blog - Share your original insights to The AIIM Blog, the industry's leading blog on Intelligent Information Management, which has over 6,000 subscribers and garners 80,000 views a year.

All Access to the Online Community - AIIM's online community offers an unlimited number of opportunities to give advice and guidance through discussions, virtual and in-person meetups, and our mentorship program. Become a trusted voice in the community by providing thoughtful responses to questions being asked by potential customers.

Market Exposure
10% Discount on All Sponsorship Opportunities - AIIM offers a variety of sponsorable content development, lead generation, and branding opportunities, including webinars, eBooks, events, and more. Leadership Council members always get the lowest rates.

Featured Listing in the AIIM Buyers' Guide – The listings for Leadership Council members are featured first in all search results and are branded as Thought Leaders, ensuring your company stands out to potential customers.

Social Media Exposure - Receive special recognition from AIIM via our social media channels; announcing your participation on the Leadership Council and promoting poignant insights shared at leadership summits.

Professional Development
Train Your Team - Receive twenty individual memberships for your team, which grants them unlimited access to our exclusive members-only resource library of webinars, training courses, industry research, educational videos, and project toolkits.

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