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Improve your organization's performance by transforming the way you manage your information with our Intelligent Information Management Mastery program.

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What is Intelligent Information Management Mastery?

IIM Mastery is an intensive 12-month learning program comprised of leadership coaching and team training to help you master the essential elements of your information management strategy.

What You Get:

Choose Your Own Adventure

Our process starts digitally transforming your business immediately, and your dedicated coach will guide you every step of the way. We will work with you to diagnose the most critical problems facing your information management teams, then help you select a path for your learning journey.

We have three areas of focus to choose from:

"We are in the midst of a digital transformation for records. The course material has helped me understand what direction my agency should be going and what needs to get done."



Sara Frey, Western Area Power Administration

How Intelligent Information Management Mastery Works

We follow a proven six-step process to educate your team and transform the way your organization manages its information. And don’t worry, you won’t need to wait until the end to start seeing results!

Intelligent Information Management Mastery Process

Step 1: Strategy Session with Your Coach

Once you begin working with your coach, you'll define the outcomes and milestones that your specific business needs to hit and start to address the root causes of your current challenges so your entire team is aligned as you move forward.

Step 2: Develop a Learning Plan

Your coach will then develop a customized learning plan for your team that aligns with your organization's needs and priorities.

Step 3: In-person or Virtual Workshop

Your coach will host a workshop for your entire team to hone their skills and align their efforts with your organization's information management strategy.

Step 4: Interactive Progress Check-ins (30-Day and 90-Day)

Two interactive meetings with your whole team of students focused on answering the questions specific to their learning. Your coach will ensure your team's understanding of the material, benchmark where they are in their educational journeys, and facilitate a Q&A to answer any questions they might have.

Step 5: Intelligent Information Management Mastery

By this stage, our goal is for your team to demonstrate complete mastery of the Intelligent Information Management methodology. You should see a significant improvement in your organization's performance from the transformation of the way you manage your information.

Step 6: Sharpen the Saw

As Stephen Covey says in his famous book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you must keep your skills sharp. The IIM Mastery comes with a one-year subscription to AIIM+ Pro, so your team can continue learning about information management and fill any gaps in their skills.

How much does Intelligent Information Management Mastery cost?

Included in the IIM Mastery program:

  • Dedicated coach
  • Strategy and diagnosis session
  • Team training workshop
  • Two team progress check-ins w/ Q&A
  • One-year subscription of AIIM+ Pro
$14,500, plus $300 per student


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Frequently Asked Questions
What’s expected of me and my team in order for IIM Mastery to be successful?

To be successful with IIM Mastery, you and your team will need to be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work! From the start, we recommend having complete senior management support for the program's outcomes. It’s also important to assemble the right people for training and coaching sessions.

We also recommend coming in with the right mindset and being ready to engage, participate, and offer your best thinking. Senior management must provide the freedom to experiment and to fail (fast), both of which are part of learning.

When should I expect to start seeing results with IIM Mastery?

Although IIM Mastery is a 12-month learning program, you can expect to start seeing results during the first strategy session with your dedicated coach. You will work together to diagnose the most critical problems facing your information management team and begin to map out a plan to overcome them.

What should I expect my team training to look like?

During the first strategy session with your coach, you'll work together to diagnose the most critical problems facing your information management team and map out a learning plan to overcome them together.

Your coach will then create a personalized lesson plan for your team and deliver a full-day in-person or virtual workshop to get your team on the same page and understanding the latest information management best practices. The workshop will include a mix of lectures, hands-on activities, and group exercises.

What industries or types of businesses are the best fit for IIM Mastery?

The IIM Mastery program will be a fit for any company that wants more from their information. Whether that’s to inform or fuel better business decisions, provide leading customer service, or protect sensitive records or information – Intelligent Information Management will be a good fit.

Conversely, if you don’t believe that the information flowing in and out of your organization can provide tangible business value, then IIM Mastery might not be a fit for you.

The IIM Mastery program is a particularly great fit for companies in highly regulated industries, such as government, oil & gas, and banking/finance.

At last, a framework that simplifies intelligent information management.

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