Why Should I Become a Certified Information Professional?

    Don't let us tell you. Hear it straight from those who are already certified.

    We know that you’re an Information Management expert. The CIP proves it to your boss, co-workers, and partners.

    More than 1,900 individuals from around the world have earned the Certified Information Professional. The certification has helped them earn promotions, get moved into areas of greater responsibility, and have a meaningful impact on projects that are vital to the success of their organizations. Below, we invite you to learn about their stories of incredible professional growth and success, in their words.

    From CIP to AVP of Information Governance


    Allow me to introduce you to Lorelei Chernyshov. She's the AVP of Information Governance at Merrick Bank and a Certified Information Processional. Lorelei attributes getting certified to helping her earn a more strategic role within her organization and work on more impactful projects.

    How the CIP Can Improve Your Reputation


    Meet Jill Stelter. She's the Information Governance and Compliance Manager at Snohomish County Public Utility District. Hear how earning the CIP helped Jill improve her reputation among her organization's larger information management group. The certification helped her become trilingual, learning the languages of IT, legal, and records management, and enabled her to build closer relationships with stakeholders in those departments.

    AIIM Has Certified 1,977 Information Professionals

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