Webinars on Intelligent Information Management

Learn how to tackle your biggest information management challenges from industry consultants, analysts, and expert users via live and on-demand webinars.

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Complex Document Processing Tasks Made Easy

Explore how to make complex automation projects easy, including compliance, customer service, onboarding, and first touch.

Process Automation Recipes – How to Find and Use Templates

Learn how you can find and leverage free process automation templates to start digitally transforming your departments.

Information. Faster. For Those Who Need It Most.

Learn how to position capture to the point at which information first enters the organization to make it quickly available for downstream processes.

Give Atlas a Break: When Shouldering Responsibility for Information Governance Is too Heavy for a Human

Join the discussion about current conditions driving organizations to strengthen their information governance practices by streamlining and automating.

You’re Working Too Hard: Proven Practices for Saving Time, Money, and Effort

Learn how these Intelligent Automation best practices can help you save time, money, and effort by freeing up your manually-driven and paper-based processes.

Cut Paper Mail Off at the Pass: How Digital Mailroom Services Transform Your Organization to the New Normal of Remote Working

Tune in to learn how your remote workforce can maintain business continuity now and evolve in the future with a digital mailroom strategy.

Legacy Replacement - When Your Current Systems No Longer Help You Do Your Job, It’s Time for a Revolution

Learn how to develop a clear business case for why your organization needs a legacy system replacement and how YOU can be the champion driving success.

Take the Friction Out of Your Manual Processes with Intelligent Capture

Are your information management processes holding you back and creating too many downstream errors? Join us and learn to eliminate this friction.

New Approaches to Classification and Retention for Organizational Intelligence

Join this informative discussion about a new approach to managing your Organizational Intelligence that won’t disrupt user’s work habits.

New Year, New Strategy: Why You Need to Switch From ECM to Intelligent Information Management

In this webinar, we’ll explore how to make the necessary change from ECM to IIM and address important discussion questions pertaining to this journey.
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