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From Physical to Digital: Make Your Paperless Office Dream a Reality

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how automated document workflows and process mapping tools can help a variety of businesses and organizations streamline processes.

The Metamorphosis of Content Services: 5 Ways That Automation, Integration, and Intelligence Are Redefining This Strategy

Join this webinar to explore how integration, automation, and intelligence capabilities can be used to connect people, processes, and content across organizations.

Striving for Better Business Outcomes? Who Isn’t! Learn How a New Generation of Workflow Tools Enables Cooperation between Business and IT

In this webinar, we’ll show how adaptable and flexible intelligent automation tools make cooperation between business and IT a reality.

Digital & Paper: Minimize Risk and Embrace Opportunity Through Digital Transformation

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to put the ‘intelligent’ in “Intelligent Information Management” by using two frames of reference: Risk and Opportunity.

Find Your Power in the Cloud: Reconciling Business Processes, Collaboration, and Control

In this webinar, we provide best practices and tangible action items when it comes to understanding your organizational process-related pain points.

Cloud First? Maybe Not: Why a Hybrid Cloud Approach Offers Greater Versatility

In this webinar, we show you how a hybrid approach to the cloud leverages the best of both worlds by giving organizations greater versatility and more options for content deployment and use.

Capture Leaders & Their Projects: We Asked, They Answered. Discover What This Means for You.

In this webinar, exclusively for business process outsourcers and all document automation professionals, we share with you the results of our recent survey from the leaders of capture projects.

Information Governance is Too Important to be Left in the Hands of Humans

In this webinar, we explore these four governance concepts: the volume of information entering organizations, failing traditional manual information governance methods, the three key pressure points at which the governance failure is occurring, and how automation is the solution to the explosion of data created by technology.

Data is a Ticking Time Bomb: How to Successfully Defuse it by Leveraging Smart Technology

Join this webinar to learn how your data can become a valuable asset to your business, drive competitive advantage, and transform your customer experience; all by leveraging smart technology.

Business Users Have Spoken: “Remove the Bottlenecks From Our Daily Operations” Part 1

Join this webinar as David Jenness walks us through a demo to show just how easy extracting data from your forms and documents can be.
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