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Are You Ready to Be a CIP?

Information is your most important asset. That said, the value-add for information technology in organizations is rapidly shifting from the technology to the stewardship, optimization, and application of the information assets themselves. AIIM's Certified Information Professional (CIP) certification allows information professionals to demonstrate their skills and competence at managing information effectively. Learn how you can join the growing ranks of CIPs.

From Legacy to Leverage – Top Strategies to Modernize Your Information Management Systems

In this webinar, learn how to make the case to modernize your infrastructure. By leveraging your existing investments to start, the information you'll unlock and the ROI you'll gain in the process will be beneficial in helping you continue with your digital transformation journey.

Content Intelligence – 5 Use Cases on the Frontier of Machine Learning

In this webinar, we'll share five practical use cases that will show you how organizations have effectively leveraged analytics and machine learning technologies to achieve competitive advantage.

How to Increase Your ROI with Information Management System Modernization

In this webinar, we’ll explore how a new approach to information management modernization using a content services platform can help you. Learn how to make the case to modernize your infrastructure.

Data Explosion in Your Organization? Harness It with a Comprehensive Records Management Strategy

In this webinar, AIIM’s chief evangelist John Mancini and Nishan DeSilva from Microsoft will discuss the latest ways Office 365 is providing the tools to develop and implement a records management strategy.

Accelerate Digital Adoption While Meeting Global Compliance - Improve Customer Engagement with Electronic Authentication and Signature

In this webinar we’ll discuss key components of e-signature platform strategy; best practices in implementation strategies; and tips and tricks to drive user adoption to improve overall organisational efficiencies customer engagement.

It All Starts Here— Effectively Capturing Paper and Digital Documents in your Existing Applications

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the value of must-have features including OCR, image and file compression, & group collaboration; why all companies in any industry and of any size need to take advantage of these modernization efforts; and how simple solutions are readily available with easy integration.

Digital Darwinism: Real Digital Transformation for Your Automation Projects

In this webinar, leading Doculabs analyst, Richard Medina, will take a close look at how real Digital Darwinism can occur in your organization (or that of your customers').

How the Marriage of Robotics, Documents, and Process can Digitally Transform Your Business

In this webinar, we'll show how RPA and document automation work together to automatically and efficiently acquire, understand, and deliver content in critical business processes. We will discuss the business benefits of RPA and Cognitive Document Automation, how artificial intelligence (AI) plays a key role, and common use cases of companies using these technologies to solve business problems.

How Modern Records Management Practices Are Essential for Businesses Today

In this webinar, we’ll share top tips for getting your data and information into shape. Learn how modern records management practices are essential for today’s business.
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