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Protect information assets regardless of where they are
Guard against fraud and comply with regulations 
Reduce risk and cost by eliminating what you don’t need  
Attack your most obvious content problem -- email

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Capture to Cloud: Automating AP for Large and Small Enterprises

White Paper

In this report, we look at the drivers and adoption for AP systems, the ROI being achieved, and the implications of cloud or SaaS solutions.

Multi-Customer Process Software for DPOs – Improving Time-to-Profit

White Paper

In this report, we will look at the issues DPOs have, the challenge of providing added value for their clients, and the replacement cycle for their tools and systems. We will consider how more modern, multi-tenanted systems, based on cloud-like design principles, would allow them to set up new contracts much more quickly and flexibly, helping clients smooth out process glitches, and decreasing time-to-profit.

Wake Up to the Challenges of the EU General Data Protection Regulation - Govern Your Information and Data Now

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect almost every business that collects or handles the personal data of any European citizen. This regulation, expected to go into effect in 2017, includes "privacy by design" and the "right to erasure." What does that mean? How will this affect your business? What are the consequences for not complying? In this webinar, we’ll outline what exactly you need to know to be prepared and be in compliance with the EU GDPR, how complying (or not!) will impact your business, and learn the steps to take now to prepare for this regulation.

Collaborative Workspaces – Making Information Work Simpler, Smarter, Safer, and Faster


In June of 2015, AIIM gathered its North American and European Leadership Councils for two summits on Collaboration in the Workplace. Their exploration of the topic, findings, and projections have been recorded in this latest leadership report.

ECM vs File Sync and Share: The Battle for Corporate Hearts and Minds

For our UK and European Community. Join our panel discussion let by AIIM VP Dave Jones as we explore the challenges organisations are facing in the content battleground between the control of ECM systems and the ease of File Sync & Share systems, how the cloud plays into this, and also how solution providers are working together to deliver solutions from both sides of the fence.

What Will It Take to Be a NextGen InfoPro?

White Paper

In this report, we look at the expectations organizations have of their information professionals, how respondents see themselves, and the steps they can take to gain the requisite skill sets to remain relevant.

Your Business Documents On Steroids

Get a clear understanding of Digital Transaction Management, the benefits and challenges, and ways to make the business case to digitize your business. We'll show you how to: identify the ideal processes for automation; build an iterative roadmap that gets you to digital mastery; define the right roles, skills and leadership for your digital project.

Drive Paper Out of Your Processes: 4 Tips to Digitize and Automate Document-Intensive Workflows

In this webinar, we’ll gain insight into the catalysts for automating and digitizing document-intensive workflows, including emerging trends impacting all organizations, and understanding pain points and how to overcome them. We’ll also learn tips and tricks to keep you driving even more paper out of your processes.

Finally! A Way to Make SharePoint Useful

Custom code in SharePoint can be expensive and time-consuming, and customization options are limited in cloud-hosted environments. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to add intuitive forms and data from line-of-business systems to deliver the full promise of SharePoint? Join us when we'll show you how to do it without dealing with the challenges of custom code.

How We Captured 10.3 Million Pages of Documents – and Lived to Tell the Tale

In order to remain competitive and offer the best and most comprehensive services, organizations that serve high volumes of customers with highly sensitive information strive for the most efficient transaction processing possible. But emerging trends and customer demands make that a challenge. Learn how a Fortune 100 Financial Services Company tells their true story. We'll explain our key business challenges, how we tackled this project, and what we are now able to achieve including: serving 585,000 unique participants in a year; processing over 10.3 million pages using intelligent capture; and supporting 3 channels of communications through fileshares, the web, and mobile.
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