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Protect information assets regardless of where they are
Guard against fraud and comply with regulations 
Reduce risk and cost by eliminating what you don’t need  
Attack your most obvious content problem -- email

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The Less Paper Businesses Use, the More Problematic It Becomes: Resolving the Paper Paradox

For our UK and European community.  While paper reduction policies continue, more existing documents must be made digitally accessible, shareable, and searchable, leading to what might be called “the paper paradox”: paper-based barriers within organizations are increasing even though paper volumes are generally decreasing. In this webinar, we’ll discuss ways to address and resolve the paper paradox so that you can benefit from reduced operating costs, improved information quality, accelerated business processes, and ensured compliance. We’ll also examine specific use cases and highlight key case studies of successful implementations.

The Next Gen Information Professional: How to Stay at the Top of Your Game

Recent AIIM research found overwhelmingly that business leaders expect guidance and expertise from RIM professionals. In this webinar, join AIIM President John Mancini as he outlines what you need to know to take your place at the table – and remain relevant – by leveraging your knowledge of where information lives, how it is managed, and how it should be protected.

A Holistic Approach to Digital Transformation

White Paper

Supported by AIIM research data, along with the analyst’s commentary and recommendations, this paper looks at the pain points and approaches organizations can take toward digital transformation - with a holistic view of their information environments.

Winning the Paper Wars – Capture the Content and Mobilize the Process Troops

Paper-free processes improve productivity and lower costs, but the biggest impact is on speed of response - response to inbound mail, response to bottlenecks, response to regulatory changes, but above all, response to the customer, citizen or client. Business-at-the-speed-of-paper will be completely unacceptable in a few years’ time; find recommendations regarding mobile capture trends in this infographic.

Information Governance: Too Important to Be Left to Humans

In this infographic, we provide a look at the current state of Information Governance by the numbers and set out recommendations to identify opportunities for your organization.

4 Ways to Protect Your Captured Data from Theft and Compliance Violations

Join Mark Brousseau, leading information capture specialist, as he discusses how the information management challenges created by heightened security and compliance requirements; the potential costs and reputational impact of data theft and compliance violations; how an advanced capture solution safeguards documents and sensitive information; and 4 ways you can begin securing your information today.

Innovating Content Creation and Reuse

White Paper

In this report, we look at the pain points and approaches organizations are taking to create, use, and publish their content assets. The paper presents the findings of the survey along with the analyst’s commentary and recommendations.

2016 - The Year We Conquer Information Chaos

Join AIIM President John Mancini and IBM's Toby Bell for a thought-provoking discussion on how agility and usability have become the core success factors in the content management industry. Get a head start on your 2016 efforts to reign in your organization’s information management challenges.

Connect with Your Customers in Our Modern World: With Apps, Data, Mobile, and Cloud

Today's modern world requires real-time connections with your customers throughout their journey with you. In this webinar, we’ll discuss: joining traditional process improvement with real-time data to keep work moving faster and more efficiently; bringing the right elements together – apps, data, cloud, and mobile – to best connect with your customers; managing change in an innovative way to improve business agility; the role your "business process manager" can take to facilitate this process.

Put an End to Manual Data Processing

Manual order entry stands in the way of business success. Get the insider's guide to inbound document automation. We'll share real life examples of organizations that have achieved exciting results from their solutions including: visibility into any order, at any stage of processing; access to live metrics and valuable KPIs; increased data entry accuracy of over 99%.
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