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GDPR Compliance - We're All Going to Be Fine(d)


To ensure that your countdown to GDPR ends in celebration rather than disaster, download this Free eBook to explore a proactive approach to GDPR.

Learn about, new company responsibilities under GDPR regulations, the threat of noncompliance consequences and how to build a compliancy framework.

Understanding the 3 Root Causes of Process Inefficiency

Tip Sheet

When it comes to getting basic information flows under control, the reality in most organizations does not match their good intentions.  Find out more -- and what to do about it -- in the new Tip Sheet.

The Next Wave - Content Management Plus Analytics

Tip Sheet

The time has come for businesses of all sizes and types to delve deeper into their business operations, gather and analyze more detailed information about their customers, and utilize their information assets more intelligently. This requires planning, focus, and commitment to continuously improve upon what is in place. This requires information and process analytics in ways once dreamed of and today is a reality.

In this Tip Sheet, you'll find 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Content and Analytics AND Building an Analytics Action Plan – 9 Ideas.

Do New Employees Think That Your Organization Looks Like a Computer Museum

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In many ways, Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement are ultimately just a means to an end. What organizations are really seeking is Systems of Understanding or Insight that allow knowledge workers to access and understand information in the context of their business challenges, regardless of where that information is located.

This free Tip Sheet focuses on the characteristics of a modern information infrastructure.  Find out more!

Workflow and Process Security – Checking the Locks

With so many potential threats, your documents aren’t as secure as you think, or hope, they are. No one is immune to the challenges of securing your infrastructure, your applications, and your data. So how do you ‘check the locks’ of your data security? It all starts with shoring up your processes and workflows. In this webinar, we’ll discuss tips and tricks for managing your documents as they enter into and within your workflows – with security in mind.

Why Should You Care About Real-Time Capture?


Why should your organization care about the differences between real-time capture and batch capture? Each has a purpose and benefit to an organization, based on the need, information type, and value it represents in relation to operational outcomes. Many businesses today, are facing increased demands to capture information from unique applications immediately, and address multi-channel capture at the first touch-point of content. They are looking for ways to identify and harness the power of the most effective and efficient capture services to automate the capture process and integrate it with business critical processes and workflows. These developing requirements are defining the discussions around real-time capture.

What Are Open Platforms?


What exactly does it mean to have an “open platform”? The perception is that an open platform has no restrictions or limitations; an open platform is agnostic. Yet reality is that there could be some limitations or restrictions. For example, there are ECM solutions that are built upon a proprietary database and are still considered to be “open”. The reason being they support a specific set of open standards for interoperability and integration. While the concept is sound, and many businesses look to a day where interoperability and integration across the enterprise is achieved, AIIM research finds that only 8% of organizations have accomplished this.

The Big Data Opportunities in Human Resources


Download this article to discover how PDF technologies can be applied to human resources, and find out what’s the big deal about big data.

4 Steps to Leverage What You Already Have

Tip Sheet

Digital Disruption. Digital Experiences. They are on the wish list for just about every C-level executive. But where do you start? How do you move from the hype to value? A good place to start is by leveraging the capabilities you likely already have – scanning, capture, and the digital mailroom – and extending them into the core processes that you use to run your business. Here are 4 steps to insure success:

  1. Leverage what you already have as a starting point on the Transformation journey.
  2. Move from paper capture to information capture.
  3. Transform Core Business Processes.
  4. Transform Customer Experiences.

Understanding the Key Obstacles to Your Capture and Workflow Project – and How to Overcome Them

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The “past” of ECM and process automation projects casts a long shadow. In the late 1990s, Enterprise Content Management became a mainstream technology (at least for large organizations) by first focusing on early adopters eager to automate high-value, mission-critical, and document-intensive processes critical to gaining competitive advantage. In this high-stakes environment, it didn’t really matter whether the technology was expensive, custom, and complicated.  All of that has changed.

Find out more in our new Tip Sheet.
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