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AIIM Conference 2018 - From ECM Pioneer to IIM Pioneer

Jack Moore, Global EDM Product, DGF Business IT, DHL Global and David Jenness, Marketing Manager, Content Services Messaging Lead, IBM Hybrid Cloud

Jack Moore is an ECM veteran. As the Shared Services ECM leader for DHL Global forwarding, Jack is continually seeking improvements in customer response time, operational efficiency, and global logistics. Come hear about the lessons he has learned and the practices he has applied during his information management journey.

AIIM Conference 2018 - The Tipping Point: An Accounts Payable Automation Success Story

Claudia Keirn, Assistant Controller, Wildman Business Group and Carl Hillier, Product Group Head of Data Capture, ABBYY North America

Learn how a mid-sized company enabled continued growth by automating key AP functions.

AIIM Conference 2018 - From ECM Pioneer to IIM Pioneer

Paul Lanois, CIP, Vice President and Senior Legal Counsel, Credit Suisse

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enforceable at the end of May, 2018. Designed to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU), it comes with a strict set of compliance protocols. And, because GDPR also applies to the export of the export of personal data outside the EU, it is applicable to any entity that uses or exchanges this data. As Vice President and Senior Legal Counsel for a leading international bank, Paul Lanois knows firsthand the importance of protecting and securing customer data and intelligence.

AIIM Conference 2018 - E-Signatures: the good, the bad -- and the law

Patrick Hatfield, Partner, Locke Lord LLP

As organizations transition from paper to digital content management, questions around risk vs reward abound. Beyond the minimum requirements for legal acceptance of electronic and digital signatures as set forth in the laws, organizations are concerned with fraud, repudiation and compliance. In the event of a regulatory audit or legal dispute, avoiding fines and ensuring admissibility is dependent on a company’s ability to produce reliable evidence.

AIIM Conference 2018 - Sherwin-Williams: Enterprise-Wide Transformation with a Palette of Applications

Craig Hatfield, Lead Developer, The Sherwin-Williams Company and Glenn Gibson, Director, Product & Solution Marketing, Hyland

Join Lead Developer Craig Hatfield as he talks about Sherwin's journey to information management success.

AIIM Conference 2018 - Women In Information Management (WIIM) Panel

Carah Koch, Director of ECM, Metropolitan Council, Julie Harvey, Legal Business Process Solutions Specialist, Ricoh, Amy Harrelson, Records Analyst, Austin Energy, Eren Thibadeau, Executive Vice President Deau Document Scanning Solutions; Facilitated by: Heather Newman, CMO / Evangelist, Content Panda

Develop a Network of Mentors Aimed at Creating Healthy Workplaces for Women in Information Management

AIIM Conference 2018 - ECM to Content Services: It’s Just Horses for Courses

Glenn Gibson, Director, Product & Solution Marketing, Hyland and Craig Hatfield, Lead Developer, The Sherwin Williams Company

The shifting technology landscape is directly impacting the ECM market – in the way content is created, used and shared, and in the experiences users and customers expect. Is it possible for ECM to again be on the cutting edge after long being viewed as an outdated technology dream? We believe it is.

AIIM Conference 2018 - Who Cares About Information Governance

John Daly, Information Governance Manager, Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

Join us as we offer an uncensored account of our information governance transformation -- our successes and our failures along the way.

AIIM Conference 2018 - Dramatically Improve Document Processing with AI & Machine Learning

Mark Davison, Partner, ISG and Manish Rai, VP of Product Marketing, Automation Anywhere

Dramatically Improve Document Processing with AI & Machine Learning

AIIM Conference 2018 - Welcome to the Digital Age, North Carolina Courts: our document automation story

Elizabeth Croom, Assistant Legal Counsel, North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, Gaynelle Knight, Systems Analyst, North Carolina Administrative Offices of the Court, Morgan Naleimaile, Records Officer, North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts

Find out how North Carolina Courts changed their mindsets and learned to love automation technology.

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