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Reduce paper handling and inefficiencies
Improve performance of people and systems
Take advantage of mobile and cloud opportunities

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The Emotions of Change - How to Help Teams Through the Cycle of Change

AIIM How-to Guide

A free guide designed to help you can mitigate the negative effects of people’s reactions as you implement changes in technology, processes, and workflow.

Three Steps Forward in your Digital Transformation Journey

Tip Sheet

Learn about 3 steps to help your business move toward artificial intelligence and machine learning to address the growing volume and value of information.

How Do You Put the "Intelligent" Into Intelligent Information Management?


What does it mean for Information Management to be Intelligent? Get this FREE infographic to learn about the key elements and best practices to consider.

Too Big, Too Complex, and Too Important - How Co-Authoring Addresses the Limitations of File Sharing


Are standard document management and desktop publishing tools falling flat for your collaboration? Learn how this new approach can improve your strategy.

Three Ways Small-to-Medium Businesses Can Benefit with AP Automation

Tip Sheet

No matter the industry or size of your business - you can bet that there is an AP function paying the bills. Learn how you can benefit from AP Automation.

Striving for Better Business Outcomes? Who Isn’t! Learn How a New Generation of Workflow Tools Enables Cooperation between Business and IT

In this webinar, we’ll show how adaptable and flexible intelligent automation tools make cooperation between business and IT a reality.

Complex Collaboration in the Oil & Gas Industry - Don’t Run Out of Gas with Your Co-Authoring

Tip Sheet

Applications for drilling rights in the Oil & Gas Industry can be complex and overwhelming. Learn how a database-driven approach can relieve the headache.

Digital & Paper: Minimize Risk and Embrace Opportunity Through Digital Transformation

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to put the ‘intelligent’ in “Intelligent Information Management” by using two frames of reference: Risk and Opportunity.

Find Your Power in the Cloud: Reconciling Business Processes, Collaboration, and Control

In this webinar, we provide best practices and tangible action items when it comes to understanding your organizational process-related pain points.

The Intelligent Information Management Starting Line – 3 Tasks to Target Now

Tip Sheet

Learn about a new way of working that truly leverages digital transformation and uses your information to increase revenue and capture new opportunities.
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