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Back to the Future - Intelligent Information Management Comes of Age

Join us for a brand-new look at the past and a well-seasoned view of the future in this final AIIM webinar of 2020.

Virtual CIP Study Group

Would you like to earn the Certified Information Professional (CIP), but are worried about passing the exam? Join our virtual study group featuring instructor-led conversations and activities to cement your knowledge and prepare you to pass the big test! As a bonus, you’ll build connections with your classmates in this virtual learning environment.

Keep Business Moving Forward With eSignatures

This webinar dispels the concerns of transitioning to end-to-end digital experiences with a walkthrough of today’s eSignatures features and applications. We’ll explain the ideal process candidates for these capabilities and demonstrate the simple steps to implementation.

Defining Intelligent Document Processing for Better Automation

Tip Sheet

Learn how to balance software-based assets and human interaction to enable better customer-driven services and data-informed decisions through automation.

You Flipped the Switch on Microsoft Teams – Now What?

Tip Sheet

It’s not too late to get your MS Teams environment in order and prepare your organization for future growth. Follow these steps to get back on track.

You Flipped the Switch on Microsoft Teams – Now What?

Just about every organization at scale has some sort of Office 365 and/or SharePoint presence. The rapid evolution of Microsoft Teams as a front-end to collaboration, information sharing, and knowledge management in the work-from-home environment presents new levels of complexity. Arguably one of the biggest issues is recognizing that using native tools incorrectly and ineffectively can lead to an unmitigated mess.

This helpful discussion will not only illuminate what points you need to address, but also will highlight the risks of ignoring best practices. Sign up today!

The Process Automation Advantage

Tip Sheet

Learn how process automation has surfaced as a key tool to face the disruption and uncertainty in the workplace by providing a competitive advantage.

8 Things You Need to Know about Balancing Records Management and Information Governance


Explore key data points and industry trends on linking automation, governance effectiveness, and digital transformation.

Addressing the Need for Data Security while Moving to the Cloud

Tip Sheet

Download your copy of this tip sheet to learn more about securing your hybrid cloud environment, best practices, and approaches to factor into your plans.

Leveraging Automation to Boost Content Management and Compliance

Tip Sheet

Learn how to respond to content and compliance challenges by controlling data through all entry points,  file shares, servers, and cloud repositories.
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