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E-Signatures 101 in Europe: An Introduction to Digital Transformation with Electronic Signatures

For our UK and European community.  Electronic signatures are hardly a new, cutting-edge technology. Organizations across the globe and of all sizes that are using esignatures have transformed the way they serve both internal staff and their customers and partners – offering a more convenient and efficient digital experience. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the basic terminology, concepts, and laws related to electronic signatures and answer the most frequently asked questions on the topic. If you are just beginning to investigate esignatures for your organization, or if you are new to an esignature project team, don't miss this discussion.

The Deal is Sealed! OpenText Acquires Documentum. Beyond the Hype, What Does It Mean for the Content Management Community?

The ink is dry and the OpenText acquisition of Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division, including Documentum has been finalized. Given the importance of this announcement to the overall Enterprise Content Management community, we thought it would be valuable to gather the AIIM Community together for a candid discussion of the ECM marketplace and how the acquisition fits into the future of content management. Moderated by AIIM Chief Evangelist John Mancini, you’ll hear from a panel of experts representing the end user community, channel partners, OpenText, and Documentum.

How to Plan Your Information Management Strategy in 2017

To help you, AIIM’s chief analyst, Bob Larrivee, has compiled the data from five community-wide surveys and identified the game-changing trends you need to know about. Join us as we outline these trends, the stats behind them, and offer strategies to approach these critical changes to the way you manage information in 2017, including: the rise in compliance and risk driving Information Management, the importance of inbound capture processes, the benefit of automated capture processes, the role of capture with content analytics. We’ll also hear from leading capture consultant Mark Brousseau as he shares customer use case stories to put this analysis into context. Mark and Bob will then offer best practices and recommendations for applying this knowledge within YOUR organization and help you make the case to your executives to help you succeed.

7 Key ECM Changes – A Look Ahead to 2017

For the UK and European Community.  Join AIIM’s Chief Evangelist John Mancini for a forward-thinking look at seven key areas of ECM that have changed and evolved in the last decade, and a look at what 2017 might hold. Some of these points include: the evolution of roles involved in information management projects; how to effectively manage information residing in multiple repositories and systems; and how to leverage metadata to maximize and elevate ECM initiatives. From this analysis we’ll outline steps on how to prepare for a "future-is-now" state. We’ll offer strategies and recommendations for an action-oriented forward-looking content strategy plan to bring success to your organization.

Key Areas Where Information Management is Advancing and Changing – A Look Ahead

Join AIIM’s Chief Evangelist John Mancini for a forward-thinking strategy-building look at seven key areas where Information Management is advancing to Content Services, and a look at some changes 2017/2018 will bring to the market. Some of these points include: how content transparency, usability and mobility are coming together; why cloud and hybrid implementations are on the rise; and how compliance and risk are affecting the complexity of business operations. From this analysis we’ll outline steps on how to prepare for a “future-is-now” state. We’ll offer strategies and recommendations for an action-oriented forward-looking content strategy plan to bring success to your organization.

3 Ways to Power Your Case Management with Content Analytics

When Analytics team up with Case Management, a new world of business value is opened up that allows for contextual search, investigative analytics, predictive analytics, and more! In this webinar, we’ll be joined by leading process improvement expert Nathaniel Palmer as he shares; an overview of Case Management and the latest advancements; how content analytics can extend your process improvements and Case Management initiatives; and how this combination can have a remarkable impact on your organization’s ability to use the knowledge you already have to understand your customers.

Keep It Simple – Top 3 Ways to Get More from Your Capture Solution

Capture solutions don’t have to be cumbersome, especially when modern capture offerings are now engineered in the cloud to have many flexible options. AIIM President Peggy Winton will share results from our latest research and best practices for making the most of your capture solutions. We’ll also hear about: ways to integrate these new ideas and practices into your operations so people will want to use them; new lightweight purpose-built applications that are intuitive, accessible from anywhere, and can easily integrate with your existing repositories – that can make all this much easier to accomplish; and how to define and learn more about cloud-based, enterprise-ready Capture-as-a-service that brings time-to-value down to days.

Where Are You on your Digital Transformation Journey? 6 Criteria to Measure your Company’s Readiness for Future Success

The path to your company’s longevity and future success is not simply "more technology." While technology is certainly the enabler, you need to invest heavily on a strategic and cultural shift within the organization. Join us as we discuss the reasons why you need to understand where you are today, plan for your desired future state, and map how to get there. To accomplish this, we’ll outline 6 criteria to measure your digital maturity. Companies that truly transform themselves will become the new leaders, the "built to last" organizations of the future. By contrast, laggards in will have to become highly reactive just to survive. And it’s more than just survival – it’s about succeeding. And we’ll show you how.

The Digital Mailroom: Reimagined

For our UK and European community.  Mention the phrase “digital mailroom” and many people’s minds immediately lean towards 1990’s style mail rooms, with pigeon holes full of mail, and paper everywhere. It’s time to re-imagine the digital mailroom for the 21st century. Join respected industry guru Harvey Spencer as he shows you the most innovative ways the modern digital mailroom can do so much more than scan incoming mail and route it but how it can act as the input hub for all of the incoming content to your organisation.

Putting the Power of Business Automation into the Hands of Your Business Managers

As the requirements of your business evolve over time, how you handle and process those requirements also need to evolve. The hurdles associated with creating new internal projects, finding new budgets, and assembling the teams with IT to implement new processes can be time and cost prohibitive. According to recent AIIM research, 51% say their top requirement is to have the flexibility to modify the process themselves. In this webinar, AIIM’s chief analyst Bob Larrivee will discuss ways you can put this agility and flexibility into the hands of your business managers, and share use case examples.
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