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Overcome the 5 Deadly Process Improvement Inefficiencies: How LEAN and Digital Signature Technology Results in 79% Improvement in Efficiency

There are many ways to reduce and eliminate waste in your organisation’s processes and align these efforts with organisational goals and objectives. In this webinar, we will outline the 5 Deadly Process Improvement Inefficiencies and have an in-depth discussion on digital signatures -- one of the quickest wins, with a high ROI, that you can achieve. This will be illustrated with case study examples exploring the benefits of incorporating process improvement methodologies with digital signature technology.

Realizing the True Promise of ECM and Case Management – Using Content to Drive the Next Step in Your Workflows

Case Management is more than just business process management (BPM). Case management, in its widest sense, encompasses many self-contained business processes, customer response procedures, and human-centric applications. AIIM’s latest research examines how companies are using Case Management and Smart Process Applications. Join us as we discuss this research and the common themes running through the survey responses.

Capture Anywhere-to-Process: The Need for Auto-Classification

To make the most of your capture anywhere efforts, you need to get actionable data and information quickly and accurately into your organizational operations. The sooner this can happen will accelerate your business processing and workflows. There is one critical step – to teach your capture system to automatically identify and classify incoming information and efficiently extract actionable data that can accelerate your business processing systems and workflows. Join us to learn how your organization can quickly benefit from automated classification and data extraction implementations to capture anywhere-to-process.

Realising the True Promise of ECM – Using Content to Drive the Next Step in Your Workflows

For our UK and European community.  Ask yourself, do your automated processes need human intervention – more insight, responsiveness, and collaboration than a structured process allows? That’s what Case Management is all about. In this webinar, AIIM’s own Doug Miles takes an in-depth look at how automating the right processes, applying the right analysis, and involving the right people, you can create the best case outcome.

Take the FUD Out of Implementing SharePoint – Just Ask the Folks at Microsoft

Have you ever wanted to ask Microsoft how they use SharePoint? How they removed their own fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD)? How they scale it? How they run Records Management within it? How they suggest you get started with using SharePoint? Well, now you can. We asked Microsoft to sit with AIIM President John Mancini for an entire hour just answering your SharePoint questions. Join us to hear a great conversation.

Exploding Information Growth is Changing your Archive Options: On-prem, in the Cloud, or Hybrid?

Many organizations today are still wary of moving their sensitive data to the cloud – nearly half of those surveyed said as much. So what’s holding you back? In this webinar, we’ll discuss how archiving your data in the cloud can actually lower your risk, better support compliance, and increase IT efficiency. Learn how this part of the industry is evolving and why many of the largest financial, insurance, government, and pharma companies have moved into the cloud.
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