Webinars on Intelligent Information Management

Learn how to tackle your biggest information management challenges from industry consultants, analysts, and expert users via live and on-demand webinars.

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The Future of Intelligent Capture: The Launchpad for Radical Transformation

In this webinar, we'll discuss traditional approaches to document capture vs. newer ML-enabled Intelligent Document Processing approaches. We'll also do some crystal ball-gazing and see how these changes provide a platform for much-needed modernization and automation of the entire lifecycle of document processing and business transformation.

Back to the Future - Intelligent Information Management Comes of Age

Join us for a brand-new look at the past and a well-seasoned view of the future in this final AIIM webinar of 2020.

Keep Business Moving Forward With eSignatures

This webinar dispels the concerns of transitioning to end-to-end digital experiences with a walkthrough of today’s eSignatures features and applications. We’ll explain the ideal process candidates for these capabilities and demonstrate the simple steps to implementation.

You Flipped the Switch on Microsoft Teams – Now What?

Just about every organization at scale has some sort of Office 365 and/or SharePoint presence. The rapid evolution of Microsoft Teams as a front-end to collaboration, information sharing, and knowledge management in the work-from-home environment presents new levels of complexity. Arguably one of the biggest issues is recognizing that using native tools incorrectly and ineffectively can lead to an unmitigated mess.

This helpful discussion will not only illuminate what points you need to address, but also will highlight the risks of ignoring best practices. Sign up today!

How to Boost Your Workforce with Invisible Start-to-End Bots

Learn how to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to create business processes driven by the customer and underpinned by the data infrastructure.

Complex Document Processing Tasks Made Easy

Explore how to make complex automation projects easy, including compliance, customer service, onboarding, and first touch.

Process Automation Recipes – How to Find and Use Templates

Learn how you can find and leverage free process automation templates to start digitally transforming your departments.

Information. Faster. For Those Who Need It Most.

Learn how to position capture to the point at which information first enters the organization to make it quickly available for downstream processes.

Give Atlas a Break: When Shouldering Responsibility for Information Governance Is too Heavy for a Human

Join the discussion about current conditions driving organizations to strengthen their information governance practices by streamlining and automating.

You’re Working Too Hard: Proven Practices for Saving Time, Money, and Effort

Learn how these Intelligent Automation best practices can help you save time, money, and effort by freeing up your manually-driven and paper-based processes.
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