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GDPR Virtual Event -- The Minimum You Need to Do before GDPR Goes Live: 4 P’s of GDPR Readiness

Being ready for the GDPR takes time and planning and staying in compliance is over time requires considerable attention and supervision.  At ASG, we’ve grouped these into the 4 P’s of GDPR readiness.  No, not product, price, promotion, placement but Preparation, Production, Performance and Persistence.  Ready for “go live”’ takes considerable preparation across the data the organization has captured and the processes it runs.  A complete review of everything in order to identify and understand personal data under management is critical. Yet, organizations must also be ready to manage productions that captures consent of data subjects and the applications that process this data.  Performance refers to the review and oversight that must take place as the organization is made audit ready.  Finally, any organization must have the persistence and the needed reports and monitoring in place to assure compliance over the long term.  While preparation of the data estate may seem the most obvious requirement for “GDPR go live” in fact, organizations must be ready across the entire spectrum of compliance related tasks.

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