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GDPR Virtual Event -- A Process-based Approach to GDPR: Lowering the Risk While Keeping It Simple

GDPR is looming and most organizations still haven't taken the first steps toward ensuring compliance. There's a lot of noise and a fair amount of confusion around the topic, so relying on core principles and best practices provides a clear way forward to developing a straightforward and defensible information governance framework to support GDPR compliance prior to the regulation coming into force next year. This session will explore best practices with roots in quality management that consist of simple to implement and track standard operating procedures (SOP) and processes. Perfect compliance is not the goal; the goal is to put in place an easy to implement system of processes and procedures that prove that your organization is diligently following accepted best practices to comply. This includes simple, automated processes for identifying, responding to and correcting any area of non-compliance. Auditability is built in from the ground up. The result is that risk plummets, not only because the chances of non-compliance are minimized, but also because the organization can show and easily prove to auditing authorities that they have a robust and disciplined approach to information governance in general, and to GDPR specifically.

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