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Information Governance Virtual Event - 4 Essential Capabilities for a Successful Digital Workplace and Information Governance Strategy

A digital workplace strategy aims to eliminate the information silos filled with outdated and irrelevant content across intranets, portals, team sites, shared drives, enterprise file sync and share platforms and legacy document management systems. Many organizations look to SharePoint and Office 365 to help them solve this challenge, but not everything they need is delivered as out of the box capabilities.

Member VIP Lounge Replay

New to AIIM’s Membership Program or need a refresher? Watch this VIP Lounge replay as we review key member benefits.

Watch this VIP Lounge replay to understand:

  • Explore AIIM’s Website
  • Understand Your Premium Benefits
  • Learn More About AIIM’s CIP and Training Discounts
  • Further Your Involvement with AIIM through AIIM’s Online Community, Chapters, and Focus Groups

Member VIP Lounge Replay

This month Thomas LaMonte joined us to share key findings from AIIM's Business Process Automation research: Designing an Intelligent Workplace.

Watch this VIP Lounge replay to understand:

  • Which Processes are key targets for automation
  • How BI and Analytics are providing insight into business operations
  • How much of an impact process automation has on workplace productivity
  • How businesses are improving customer engagement through process automation

AIIM Conference 2017 - Big Data and its Use in Human Capital and Workforce Planning Decisions

It’s no secret, HR controls vast amounts of information. Such data is regularly reviewed through the lens of talent analysis and people analytics.

AIIM Conference 2017 - Changing Times: The Future of ECM

It’s time to bring some clarity to the buzz and chatter surrounding ECM. What does the future of ECM look like?

AIIM Conference 2017 - Leadership at the Intersection of Technology and Data

Data and analytics are an increasingly valuable asset and companies seek to maximize their use with technology.

AIIM Conference 2017 - Elevating Content to Make the Unknown Known

In this session, we’ll discuss data “blind spots” and the role of new content services – such as artificial intelligence, file analytics, data extraction and more – in helping to elevate content and transform business.

AIIM Conference 2017 - Digital Transformation - Your Content In Disguise?

This session will discuss why digital information is not the same as digital transformation.

AIIM Conference 2017 - Channel Your Inner Jedi: 5 Key Strategies Taken from Star Wars

Creating a successful information management strategy can be a challenge requiring constant iteration, communication, and negotiation.

AIIM Conference 2017 - Sharepoint Governance at BMO

For Bank of Montreal (BMO), letting their SharePoint implementation turn into the Wild West wasn’t an option.
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