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Are We Ready to Go Paperless?

Steve Weissman from the Holly Group talks with Kevin Craine about ways to overcome the remaining barriers to "going paperless." Plus, Walter Koch, CEO of ImageWare, explores best practices in Intelligent Information Management.

Advice from the AIIM Community Forum

In this episode, we explore some great advice and information being shared recently on the AIIM Community Forum. Daniel Anderson, a Recent graduate from the University of North Carolina School of Information and Library Sciences shares his master’s thesis on retention and knowledge management. Learn more about his thesis, the subject areas he explored, and his findings.

 Then, Connie Prendergast, Records Management Clerk for Flagstaff County in Alberta Canada shares her advice and best practices for implementing an electronic records and document management system.

"I Am AIIM" - Focus on the Transportation Industry

In this episode we continue our "I Am AIIM" series of interviews with members of the community to explore the current challenges and opportunities in IIM today. Candace McCabe, Solution Architect at J.B. Hunt Transport, joins us to discuss their recent IIM successes. Also Wayne Whyte, Records and Information Manager, Texas Dept of Transportation explores some of his current IIM efforts.

Video Series - Best Practices in Intelligent Information Management: Focus on Process Services

AIIM Video Series

Enjoy these on-demand sessions from our Virtual Event - Best Practices in Intelligent Information Management: Focus on Process Services

IIM in the Utilities Industry

Joanna Hammerschmidt and John Daly discuss IIM in the utilities industry in this continuing series of "I Am AIIM" member interviews. Joanna is a records and information management coordinator at WaterOne, an independent public water utility in Kansas City with over 400,000 customers. John is Information Governance Manager for the Metropolitain St Louis Sewer District.

Exploring Best Practices in Records Information Management

Sue Trombley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership at Iron Mountain, talks with Kevin Craine about best practices in Records Information Management. 

Managing the Cycle of Change

Kevin Craine explores "The Cycle of Change," the natural and inevitable cycle of emotions that people have when faced with large scale change. Resistance to change is often a more troubling problem than even the most complicated tangle of technology and this podcast explores the factors to consider and what we can do to understand the Cycle of Change and work within it to improve our chances of success.

Member Video Series: Intelligent Information Management - Project Success Stories

AIIM Video Series

Enjoy these on-demand sessions from our Virtual Event - Intelligent Information Management - Project Success Stories

Content Services, AI and Superhuman Innovation

Rikkert Engels, CEO of Xillio, discusses best practices in content services and how Xillio is helping IIM professionals innovate and improve. Plus, best-selling author Chris Duffey talks with Kevin Craine about his new book Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Businesses with Artificial Intelligence.

Women in Information Management with Heather Newman

Heather Newman talks with Kevin Craine about the Women in Information Management Community at AIIM. WIIM's purpose is to inspire, connect, and advance women in information management. The group works to provide support for women in all aspects of information management to educate and mentor young women into the path of information management as a career field worth pursuing, and to help women succeed in their careers and break barriers.

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