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Office Re-Entry in Times of COVID

Sue Trombley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership at Iron Mountain, discusses office re-entry, remote work, the challenges and opportunities of the new normal of business today. She provides a recap of the recent Iron Mountain educational webinar “Preparing for Office Re-Entry.” What are the biggest impacts we will see in the workplace as people begin to return to the office? How can our listeners prepare for “the new normal” and make the best of a challenging situation? Listen for advice and perspective you can use.

Are You Data Rich, or Data Poor?

Greg Council, member of the AIIM leadership council and VP Marketing and Product Management with Parascript discusses document processing automation and Machine Learning. Greg is an expert in digital transformation using tools like advanced data extraction, taxonomy, and search. He explores the current challenges and opportunities in IIM today by asking “are you data rich, or data poor?” Listen and explore process improvement and digital transformation from a data science perspective.

Think Beyond the Bucket

On this episode, Jason Cassidy from Shinydocs stresses the need to "think beyond the bucket" when it comes to information management and adopt an "information and data-first mindset" when designing more intelligent information management strategies.

Managing Modern Records, Managing Modern Teams

On this episode, explore the unique opportunities and challenges of records and information management in a local government operation.

Achieving Cloud Content Harmony – Access with Control

On this episode, Cresyl's Jim Ongena joins us to talk about how to balance access and control with your cloud content management strategy.

Opportunities in Intelligent Information Management

Wasim Khan, Chief Digital Officer at Ripcord, discusses the opportunities and challenges in IIM today. Explore remote work, legacy system migration, and targeted automation in applications like HR, Finance and others.

Titans of Technology Innovation

Mike Steep, Executive Director of Stanford University’s Disruptive Technology & Digital Cities Program, discusses his book "First Light of Day: A Cautionary Tale of Our Future." Hear from one of the titans of technology innovation. Also, another exclusive AIIM On Air case study with Crawford Technologies.

IIM Challenges and Opportunities in the Energy Industry

Elana Fate, Records Manager at MISO Energy from AIIM20 in Dallas. Elana talks about the current challenges and opportunities in IIM in the energy industry. Also, from the AIIM archive, a session with Hyland Software and their successful efforts with Heinen's Grocery Stores moving HR to the cloud; from AIIM19.

The Impact of a Pandemic on Information Governance

Sue Trombley Director, Global Engagement at Iron Mountain, discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Information Governance. Also, hear an AIIM member case study from Alogent and their recent efforts with Silver State Schools Credit Union.

Exploring Documents, Information Management, and Digital Transformation

This week features an interview from AIIM20 in Dallas with Wasim Kahn, Chief Digital Officer at Ripcord exploring documents, information management, and digital transformation. Also hear another AIIM On Air case study that describes how Zia Consulting helped a large mortgage insurance firm in the US fundamentally transform the way mortgage insurance applications are processed; eliminating paper in favor of a completely digital workflow.

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