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AIIM Conference 2017 - Keynote: My MisAdventure in the Startup Bubble

Across every industry, from retail to media to finance, incumbent market leaders face the threat of disruption and are racing to reinvent themselves. Many are looking to Silicon Valley for inspiration. In this talk, Dan shares the perspective of a tech industry veteran who spent two years working inside a fast-growing startup “unicorn” as a kind of “corporate anthropologist,” and explains the key things that make these organizations nimble, flexible and able to achieve rapid growth. How do startups foster innovation? What is a “conversational culture”? How do startups use social media, externally and internally? How can an established company change its culture without wrecking the things that made it successful in the first place? Which perks really matter? What do Millennials really want? How do we manage a multi-generational workforce? Do we really have to get a foosball table? Really? Dan’s talk draws on case studies as well as his own experience. He blends self-deprecating humor with insight about how the workplace is changing and how the right culture creates a healthy, agile, competitive, and sustainable organization.

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