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Learn about trends in intelligent information management, benchmark your organization's progress, and understand critical next steps to move your organization's digital transformation efforts forward.

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Collaboration is the New Competitive Advantage


Explore how to take advantage of collaboration as a competitive differentiator with a new breed of collaboration tools that are changing the way we work.

4 Strategies to Conquer Information Chaos with Intelligent Capture

Industry Watch

Download your copy to explore how to rethink information capture in a more strategic way to address the growing concern of information chaos.

10-Point Digital Transformation Competency Assessment


A checklist to understand your current strengths and weaknesses, identify how capabilities overlap, and build a vivid picture of your desired future.

10 Things You Need to Know About Digital Transformation


We surveyed close to 500 end-users from around the globe about their Digital Transformation. See the 10 most important stats from this research study.

How to Assess Your Legacy System - Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

Tip Sheet

Don't let legacy platforms stand in the way of your business' success; learn how to assess your current system and determine if it meets your needs.

State of the IIM Industry 2020

Industry Watch

How is your organization progressing with Digital Transformation? How does this compare to others? We surveyed over 482 organizations to help you find out.

What Are the Uses of Email? Addressing the Challenges of Email Management


Learn how to take control of your email management by first understanding how it's being used.

The Bottom Line on Artificial Intelligence and Bots


In this infographic, we cut to the chase and explore the bottom line on Intelligent Automation technologies, including a look at RPA, AI, and Bots.

7 Steps to Getting the Most from Your SharePoint/Office 365 Deployment


Are you getting the most out of your Office 365 and SharePoint implementations? Take these 7 steps to help you leverage them to their fullest.

What do Bots do?


Take an in-depth look at Bots and how they are being used to improve flexibility, response time, and ultimately drive digital transformation initiatives.

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