Business Process Management (BPM): Digitize Core Business Processes

Learn how to map, design, and automate operational processes using a combination of strategies, change management, and technologies.

Business Process Management: Digitize Core Business Processes

How well an organization operates is dictated by its business processes, but most of these processes are not as efficient, standardized, or optimized as they should be. The cost of poorly designed processes hits organizations in dollars and reputation.

Our Business Process Management (BPM) course provides practical guidance to map, standardize, and automate operational processes with the right strategies and technologies. Through a mixture of lecture and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to analyze and troubleshoot existing business processes and make specific recommendations for improvement to maximize ROI and ensure compliance.

Our Business Process Management (BPM) course will help you:

  • Identify, map, understand, and manage processes across the enterprise
  • Analyze existing business processes to identify issues and potential solutions
  • Get a thorough understanding of different workflow and BPM technologies
  • Understand the fundamentals of flowcharting and use standard charting symbols and functions
  • Determine the most effective process improvement approach for a particular situation
  • Design and implement an effective process improvement program

After passing an online exam, you will earn the AIIM BPM Specialist or BPM Master designation.

The Business Process Management Specialist course is approved for 13 hours of CIP maintenance credits and the Master-level course is approved for 26 credits.


This training program is one of the key success factors in a BPM project - when all stakeholders have a common understanding and vision of the capabilities.

— Phillippe Pierre, Lead Partner, PwC

AIIM is a welcoming education grouping of the best information specialists in the world; glad to be a part of such an organization. The knowledge I have gained has been applicable, current and relevant.

— Tammy MacKenzie, Document Manager, Aecon Group Inc

AIIM training has helped me understand what direction my agency should be going and what needs to get done.

— Sara Frey, Records Specialist, Western Area Power Administration

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