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Prove to your boss, co-workers, partners, and, most importantly, yourself that you know your stuff by earning the Certified Information Professional (CIP).

Why Should You Become a Certified Information Professional?

According to, organizations are willing to pay 27% more for a certified professional than an uncertified comparable specialist. The funny thing is, that's not even the best part about becoming a Certified Information Professional. The majority of our CIPs report that the true value is what it does for your reputation.

Hemaben Patel, ECM Lead for a large international airline, explains, "Having the CIP gives my internal customers and partners a certain level of confidence that whatever strategy or solution I propose is based on best practices and experience."

We know that you’re an Intelligent Information Management Expert. If you're looking for ways to prove it your boss, co-workers, and partners, the CIP is your answer.


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Kryterion serves as our approved CIP examination proctor. The exam is available online and at Kryterion testing locations around the world. The exam fee is $385 USD. Professional Members enjoy a discounted fee of just $349 USD. Members should send us an email for the code to receive the discount.


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About the CIP Exam

AIIM worked with industry experts and focus groups to define the body of knowledge necessary for information professionals to be successful in the Intelligent Information Management era and built a certification exam based upon this body of knowledge.

The exam is made up of 100 multiple choice questions on the five domains of Intelligent Information Management:

  • Creating and capturing information
  • Extracting intelligence from information
  • Digitalizing information-intensive processes
  • Automating governance and compliance
  • Implementing an information management solution

The proctored exam is available online and at testing locations around the world. In order to receive the CIP designation, candidates must earn a score of 60%.

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Need Help Preparing for the Exam?

The CIP exam was designed to demonstrate the expertise and experience one might acquire over a long career in the Intelligent Information Management Industry. Some have passed the exam with little preparation. Others need a little help.

AIIM has a number of resources available to help professionals at all levels prepare to become a Certified Information Professional:

  1. Take the free 100-question CIP Practice Exam to assess your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Review the CIP Study Guide (free to professional members; nonmember fee is $60 USD).
  3. Join AIIM+ Pro, which is loaded with training courses that cover the body of knowledge that makes up the CIP exam.

How to Maintain Your CIP Status

Recertification helps maintain the integrity of the certification by ensuring that CIPs remain up-to-date on current intelligent information management processes, technologies, and best practices. After earning the CIP, your certified status is good for three years.

To maintain your CIP, you can 1) retake the CIP exam for $385 USD ($349 USD for members) or 2) earn and submit 60 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) before your certification's expiration date and recertify for $150 USD ($135 for members).

If you're a CIP with questions on the recertification process, please don't hesitate to email us.

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The Value of the CIP (to Employers)

The value of the CIP isn’t limited to the certified individual - it extends to the company that employs him/her. There is true worth to an employer in hiring Certified Information Professionals and developing them internally.

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Getting Prepared
Is there a practice exam available?

Yes, AIIM offers a 100-question practice exam that covers all of the domains of the real exam and is free to take.

Should I take a training course before taking the exam?

The CIP practice exam will give you a good idea of how ready you are for the breadth of the CIP exam and point out any areas in which you're not as strong. AIIM+ offers a training course for every topic on the CIP exam.

Would studying the material in the CIP Study Guide be enough to pass the CIP exam?

Yes, the CIP Study Guide covers 100% of the content on the CIP exam. We do recommend that candidates also have at least five years of experience, as the exam does require some analysis and application, but everything on the exam is covered in the study guide.

What’s the best way to study for the exam if you're short on time and budget?

Many organizations use study groups, where each person in the group is responsible for a domain, set of topics, or even just a single topic from the exam. Each person leads a review of their assigned topic in a lunch & learn type format. By spreading it around, everyone learns and teaches in turn. The CIP Study Guide can be used as your source material.