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What is the difference between the three membership packages AIIM offers?

AIIM understands that different folks have different needs.  That’s why we offer three tiers of membership.  Professional Membership is for individuals who want access to AIIM’s content and member services.  Company Membership is a 10 pack of 10 individual Professional Memberships—so it works great for organizations and/or teams; plus any industry vendor is featured throughout our online Buyers Guide. Leadership Council is for organizations who want to engage with AIIM’s think tank on the matters regarding the future of information management.  It includes 20 individual professional memberships and two seats at the bi-annual leadership summits.

How much does AIIM Membership cost?

$169 USD for Professional Membership
$1,500 USD for Company Membership
$12,000 USD for Industry Vendor Companies; $3,000 USD for Industry User Organizations for Leadership Council

What kind of discounts do I get?

Yes, as a member, you definitely get member only pricing.  For training that means 10% off the regular price.  And for conference, up to 20% off depending on when you sign up.  

Discounts are automatically applied when you check out as a member.  

How can I get a receipt?

A receipt is immediately emailed to you when you join/renew your membership.  But you’re like family, so if you need another copy, feel free to email us at to request a new one.  

How do I designate the 10 or 20 people I want to assign our individual memberships to?

First, make sure everyone has an AIIM account.  They can create one in under a minute at  Once everyone has a web user account, send us the names of who you would like to have the membership access.  We’ll set that up for you and confirm.  Super Easy!  

How much of my membership dues go to lobbying?

$0.  Though our headquarter office is right outside of Washington, DC, AIIM does not have a lobbying branch.  Our goal is purely to help organizations manage their information.

Ugh, I can’t log in!

We have your back!  Please email us at and let us know what the issue is.  We can also help reset your password or update your email address.

Can you send me a member certificate or logo?

Yes!  And we love that you want to promote your membership with AIIM.  Please email us at and we’ll send that over to you.

Gain an industry certificate or certification

I can't login, what do I do?

Fear not, help is at hand. Send an email to both and explaining you can't login. Someone will help you before 24 hours has passed (and most likely much sooner than that). 

I just paid for a course, now what?

Congratulations on committing to your own professional development. To access your course, login to using your credentials. Once you are logged in, click My Courses from the Education tab.  You should now be on the learning platform and able to see your course. If you do NOT see your course, please hit refresh or logout and back in. The first login triggers the course to load and sometimes there is a slight delay.

Still not seeing it? Please send an email to and someone will get back to you.

I took a course years ago, how do I find my certificate?

We moved to a new learning platform in early 2015. If you earned a designation certificate from AIIM before that time you can view and download a copy on the new system. To find it, login to using your credentials, then click My Courses (under the Education tab). This will take you the new learning platform. Click the Transcript link in the left navigation column to see your past certificate(s). These are official, but if your course was completed prior to July 1, 2015, and you'd prefer the original, send an email to

I just passed a course, how do I download my certificate?

Be sure to login to your course, so that you see all the course topics. The very last topic has the certificate and logo links. These links unlock after you pass your exam.  Click on each link to open and download it.  If you have any problems, please send an email to

Do I learn the same material in an online and in-class course?

Yes, the course content is the same for the online and in-class courses. You decide which method is better for your based on your learning style and budget.

How is the online content structured?

Most courses consists of 10-15 topics (e.g., How to Demonstrate the Value of an Information Governance Program) – with the last two topics covering the exam and the certificate. Each course topic includes an audio power point presentation (20-40 slides). You can pause, start, stop the slide presentation to view at your own pace.  Each topic also includes a PDF of the slides and speaker notes from the audio power point – which can be downloaded, saved or printed. Many course topics (not all) also have additional resources in PDF file format. Course materials are available for 6 months from the first day you login to access the course.

Each course includes an exam (next to last topic) that you must pass to earn the designation certificate. Your score must be 70% or higher. 

Any browser should be fine when you take your course, but Firefox and Chrome seem to be the least problematic.

What browser do I need to take AIIM courses?

All browsers should work. We've tested IE, Chrome and Mozilla and found Mozilla and Chrome to be most consistent and bug free.

What are the different course levels?

Most courses are either considered Specialist and Master (Master-level covers many more topics).

The Specialist courses will cover the main concepts of the program -- the nuts and bolts (how, what). The Specialist level will be available as self-paced  or in-person training. You select the delivery method that best suits your budget and/or learning style.

The Master courses will cover all of the Specialist content and add implementation and case studies content. Because of the case study content and the value of group discussions and collaboration, the Master course is only available in-person at this time.

Questions about the CIP exam (how much, how long, etc)

How much is the CIP exam?

The cost of the CIP exam is $385. AIIM professional members in good standing pay only $349

How many questions are on the exam?

The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.

How long is the exam?

The exam is 2 hours (120 minutes).

What is the passing score for the exam?

Candidates must score 60% to pass.

Details about CIP exam registration (how, where, etc).

How do I register for the CIP exam?

To register for the CIP exam, go to our exam vendor's registration portal and follow the instructions.

Is the exam available online?

Yes it is.  The CIP exam is a proctored exam but can be taken at a Kryterion test center or through Kryterion, but as online proctored. For details about the online proctored (system requirements, etc.) please review this page:

Where can I take the exam in person?

You can take the exam at any Kryterion test center. Visit Kryterion to find a list of test centers that are convenient to you.

Questions about CIP exam qualifications

What are the minimum qualifications to take the CIP exam?

There are no formal minimum qualifications. We do recommend that candidates have 3-5 years of experience in at least one of the domains on the exam.
Do I have to be a member of AIIM to take the exam?

No, anyone can take the exam. AIIM Professional members do receive a number of benefits relating to the CIP including discounts on training, the exam fee, and continuing education fees (in addition to many other benefits)..

Do I have to document my experience in the industry?

There is no formal experience requirement in order to take the exam. AIIM does recommend that candidates have 3-5 years of experience in a variety of information-related processes and roles.

How to do I prepare for the CIP exam?

Do I have to take a training class to prepare for the CIP exam?

No, there is no requirement to take a training class. A number of CIPs have completed the exam with no formal training, relying on their broad work experience and expertise.
I think training will help, where can I take a training class?

AIIM has developed the Foundations of Intelligent Information Management course (offered online as well as in-person) to help individuals prepare for the exam. The course includes five domains which covers the topics included in the exam.  If you participate in the in-person class, an opportunity to take the exam is offered on the last day (or students can opt to take the exam at their own convenience, and will be provided one exam voucher to do so). We also have a comprehensive CIP Study Guide, which many have found useful to prepare for the exam. This Study Guide is free to members, and nonmembers can purchase it for $60. 

Does AIIM offer training in the domains included in the CIP?

The CIP is closely aligned to AIIM’s other training courses, including but not limited to the: ECM Specialist, MRM Specialist, ERM Specialist, and BPM Specialist courses.Taking one of those courses will help prepare candidates for the relevant section of the exam. For more information on AIIM training courses please visit this page.

What to expect after completing the CIP exam (pass or fail)?

What happens when I pass the exam?

Congratulations! You can use the CIP designation and logo immediately. You will receive a score report before you leave the test center. Within 2-3 weeks you will also receive an email from AIIM with instructions on how to access your personalized CIP certificate and the CIP logo.  (Usually receive the notice sooner)
If I fail the exam can I take it again?

Yes, candidates can take the exam more than once if necessary.

If I fail the exam can I take it again immediately?

No, there is a built-in waiting period of 14 days before candidates can take the exam again. This is to help protect the integrity of the exam. In the event the candidate fails a second time, the waiting period is 90 days between all subsequent attempts.

If I take the exam again do I have to pay again?

Yes, you have to pay the exam fee each time you take the exam. This is a standard practice with most certifications including the Project Management Institute's PMP, the Institute of Certified Records Managers' CRM, CompTIA's exams, etc.

How many times can I take the exam?

In theory you can take it as many times as needed to pass. But there is a built-in waiting period that prevents candidates from taking it over and over again in an attempt to compromise the integrity of the exam.

Do I have to be a member of AIIM to be/remain a CIP?

No, there is no requirement to join AIIM in order to take the exam, receive the CIP, or maintain the CIP through continuing education units. AIIM Professional Members do enjoy a discount to the continuing education fee (as well as many other benefits).

How do I renew my CIP certification (how often, CEUs and more)?

How often do I have to renew my CIP certification?

Your CIP certification is good for three years from the date you passed the exam. If you wish to maintain your CIP, then you will have to renew it every three years by meeting continuing education credit (CEUs) requirements and paying the renewal fee.
Do I have to do continuing education??

To renew this certification, CIPs will either have to take the test again, at their expense, or submit 60 CEUs and the CEU fees as specified here. CIPs who do not complete the CEUs or retest will be decertified once the three years have expired.

What qualifies for continuing education credit?

Attending or developing any content that is educational in nature that addresses one or more of the topic areas of the exam. One continuing education unit (CEU) will be granted for every hour attended or developed/delivered. More details can be found in this information sheet.

How do I submit credits for continuing education credit?

Document your education and proof of attendance using this online form. AIIM will be sure to review and log as appropriate and confirm that the CEUs have been accepted. 

Can I submit work projects for continuing education credit?

We do not offer CEUs for work projects or work-related activities. We recognize the value of this type of work, and the learning that goes along with it, but we do not have a structure in place to evaluate work-related activities.

Do I have to be a member of AIIM to be/remain a CIP?

No, there is no requirement to join AIIM in order to take the exam, receive the CIP, or maintain the CIP through continuing education units. AIIM Professional Members do enjoy a discount to the continuing education fee (as well as many other benefits).

What do the course acronyms stand for?

An excellent question! 

BPM: Business Process Management

CIP: Certified Information Professional (refers to our CIP certification)

ECM: Enterprise Content Management

ERM: Electronic Records Management

FIIM: Fundamentals of Intelligent Information Management 

MRM: Modern Records Management

How long does my AIIM training course credential or certificate last?

The AIIM training course certificates that are earned from taking an AIIM training course and passing the online exam included in that course, do not expire (nor does the designation).  We do recommend that students consider retaking a course (if appropriate for work) as a refresher, after we have launched an updated version. However, doing so is not required. 

The AIIM Certified Information Professional (CIP) certification is different.  As this is a certification (rather than a certificate), it must be renewed every three years by submitting 60 CEUs and paying the renewal fee

VAT questions and concerns

Do I have to pay VAT for training courses? 

VAT is required ONLY for in-person public classes, at the rate of the EU country where the class is held.

Do I have to pay VAT for online training courses? 

No. VAT is NOT required for any of our online training courses.

If my organisation is VAT exempt, what documentation is needed as proof?

You need to provide your VAT exemption certificate when you send a PO or booking form. 

What currency is accepted by AIIM for course registration?

We only accept payment in US Dollars. 

Questions about AIIM Invoicing and Banking

Can AIIM raise an invoice or do we have to pay online?

AIIM can raise an invoice but only with a PO or signed booking form (guaranteeing payment will follow after invoice issued). Payment of an invoice can be made via credit card or bank (wire) transfer.

When we are ready to pay, how do we make a wire transfer? 

You can download these bank details and instructions to  make a wire payment. 

What is AIIM's Tax ID number?


Amsterdam Public Class FAQs

What is the location of the Amsterdam public classes? 

Aristo Amsterdam
Teleportboulevard 100
1043 EJ Amsterdam

What time does the public classes held in Amsterdam generally start?

Class begins at 0900 and ends at 1700. If you ever need to depart class early, just be sure to let the trainer know in advance. 

Do I get access to a printed or digital workbook? 

A pdf copy of the in-class workbook will be emailed to all students. In a addition to this workbook, students will be provided access to the online course materials and exam. Access to the online course material will ONLY be provided once we have received payment for the class.

What is the dress code for in-class workshops/sessions? 

Students should dress in business (or smart) casual. 

Engage with AIIM

AIIM Conference - what's that?

Whilst not quite ComicCon, we do like to think of our participants as superheroes during this 3 day gathering of information management leaders. Stories and experiences are shared in some very unique settings, and in very engaging formats. We pride ourselves on finding forward-thinking speakers and sponsors to provide experiences and education far beyond anything available at a desk. We also guarantee fun, conversations and engagement throughout.

Do AIIM events come to my city?

We just love getting out and about to meet our members and fellow information management professionals. We run a selection of local events during the year called AIIM Seminars and visit between 6 and 9 US and Canadian cities. These one day events are open to all, and we run various topics and formats each time. Watch out for the invitations - we want to see you there.

Are there AIIM events outside the US and Canada?

We love getting stamps in our passports, so we definitely like to visit our members outside the US and Canada. We have a fabulous partner who runs the AIIM Forum in the UK that takes place in London. This one day event is packed full of education and conversations. We are looking to expand our events globally, as we know information management is worldwide.

Can we sponsor events?

Absolutely, sponsors are a HUGE part of our events, in person, and online. We view our sponsors as partners and value the participation and contribution made to each event. If you are interested, chat with one of our awesome team members.

Do you offer continuing education credits

We live for educating our community, and know that continuing education credits are important to prove you are a lifelong learner. We've got you covered. All our events and webinars come with CEU's appropriate to the hours of your participation. We'll send you a downloadable certificate of attendance right after.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online, 60 minute seminar. You can do this from your desk or enjoy the flexibility of viewing and listening on any mobile device. Webinars are free to attend; and we record them for you to view later, even share with your team. Once you've registered for the webinar, you'll be sent a confirmation email with all the details on how to join.

Gain independent industry insight

Where can I find and download Market Intelligence reports like Industry Watch?

It's easy. AIIM Market Intelligence industry watch reports, white papers, infographics and other research content can be found and downloaded from

Are AIIM Market Intelligence reports free to download?

Certainly, if you’re an AIIM Professional Member you can to download full reports like Industry Watch for free. But, don’t worry if you’re not a member you have access to the Executive Summary versions for free, or can purchase the full report.

Can I use any of the statistics?

Let's spread the word; we are happy to extend free use of the materials in our reports, for internal purposes, provided proper attribution is given with AIIM cited as the source.

How are the statistics compiled?

We love our statistics and the people who provide them.  The survey results quoted in AIIM reports are collected from individual members of the AIIM community using a web-based tool. Invitations to take the survey are sent via email to a selection of AIIM's 196,000+ registered individuals.

Will my survey responses be passed to Sponsors?

We keep it confidential. AIIM surveys are confidential and your answers will not be passed to any third parties or used for any other purpose. For every response collected, AIIM will make a $1 charitable contribution to an international organization in support of meeting the needs of children.

What would I need to do if my company wants to sponsor an AIIM report or have AIIM develop custom content materials?

If you would like more information about sponsorship opportunities, or having AIIM Market Intelligence develop custom content for your organization, you can contact your sales representative to begin the process. If you are not currently working with AIIM and would like to explore how, you can send your inquiry to and an AIIM representative will contact you directly.

Join the discussion

Look here for the most commonly asked questions about AIIM's Community.

What is the AIIM Community?

AIIM Community is where you need to be if you are an information professional who wants to share your knowledge and discuss issues with other information management professionals.

Who can use the AIIM Community?

Anyone and everyone can use the community to browse the information and knowledge shared. If you want to participate in the discussions, add comments, or share your knowledge in a blog posting, we want you to be a professional member. 

How do I access the AIIM Community?

You can get to the AIIM Community from the AIIM website by clicking on the Community tab or you can go directly to the community at Your AIIM website username and password are your keys to accessing the community and participating in the discussions.

What should I do to get started in the AIIM Community?

You can introduce yourself to the community by doing two things. First, review and complete your profile then locate the 'Introduce Yourself' discussion thread and introduce yourself. You are all set! Now, the community will know you! Start a discussion, participate in a discussion or share your knowledge in  a blog posting. Most importantly - Have fun!

Can I manage the emails I receive from the AIIM Community?

Of course! We want you to receive only what you want to receive. Go to your profile. Under 'My Account' there are two things to check. 'Email preferences' and 'Community Notifications'. Under 'Email preferences', you can select they types of emails you want to receive. You can subscribe to digests of the community conversations under the 'Community Notifications' tab. 

Can I start a group on AIIM Community?

Yes! The more groups the merrier! It is easy to start a group. Click on the 'Chapters' tab, you will see the 'Create a new Community' link. Just add the information about your group and Viola! You have a new group in the community! Congratulations!

What the heck is a SIG?

We are glad you asked! SIGs are our Special Interest Groups. These are virtual groups focused on a specific industry are such as Oil and Gas or Banking/Finance, etc. 

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