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ECM Makeover: Modernising your Dated System

For our UK and European community.  Despite the availability of modern, open solutions, many organisations rely on ageing systems to manage their information. But to achieve ambitious business goals, you must break your organisation's reliance on technologies that perpetuate silos, impede productivity, and create poor customer and user experiences. In this webinar, we’ll discuss agile approaches to adapting your current infrastructure and help you to: understand how the cost of standing still is holding back your potential; make the business case for modernising your architecture to take advantage of responsive and agile solutions; and learn ways to accelerate the flow of work with modern platforms that combine content and process management.

Developing a Successful Data Retention Policy

Data retention isn’t easy; legal and compliance concerns, competing schedules, and the complexity of multijurisdictional requirements often drive organizations to indiscriminately assign the longest retention policies to data – meaning, we keep everything…forever! Not the best plan. Since you can’t save everything for forever, where do you start the process? How do you find all the policies and regulations needed to factor into your policy plans? How do you decide and prioritize these (possibly) competing requirements? In this webinar, we’ll discuss data retention and how to develop policies that will work for you, even if you operate globally.

How to Increase Your Profits by Improving Your Data Accuracy

We know you’re always looking to improve the quality of service to your customers – and that means improving your data accuracy. Are your data extraction methods yielding the best results? Are you extracting the right information? Are you encountering too many exceptions? Requiring frequent manual keying to correct? In this webinar, we’ll help you understand how to perform your own accuracy audit to answer these questions and learn: how to increase your data accuracy; practical steps in improve your data extraction methods; ways to properly use and apply recognition technology to yield better results; and more about Parascript’s unique program to help you achieve these goals.

Finding the Right Information in your Stockpiled Content

Stop wasting your time and energy on a constant hunt for information. In this webinar, we’ll discuss tips and tricks to help you find the information you need when you need it. You’ll learn how to: organize your information; make your information easier to find; apply basic metadata to aid in classification and retrieval. We’ll also show you how you can automate capturing the metadata within your information to find the right information at the right time when you need it most.

How Will the Proliferation of Mobile Impact How You Process Customer Information?

For our UK and European community.  Many organisations are struggling to adapt to the new mobile reality. AIIM research found that only 22% of companies support mobile access to important business documents. Only 21% have mobile capture, and only 13% have process interaction on mobile. Many are being kept hostage by old legacy business practices or IT systems – they struggle to make the required changes to embrace the future. Join this webinar to learn: How the proliferation of smartphones will impact how you process customer information and documents?; How to use smartphones to transform your business processes; How to capture or scan important information using smartphones; and How to achieve this without having to replace large legacy systems.

Next Gen Information Management – Succeeding in a New Era

There are demanding and complex information management challenges ahead for the professionals trusted with aligning technology priorities and business strategy. What does this all mean for the new era of content management that is knocking at the door? John AIIM’s chief evangelist John Mancini as he examines what some are calling an “era of Content Services”. He’ll look at the key questions you’ll need to ask so your organization can modify your content and information management strategies. He’ll outline concrete Next Steps to help your planning to avoid falling behind and get ahead of your competitors.

E-Signatures 101 in Europe: An Introduction to Digital Transformation with Electronic Signatures

For our UK and European community.  Electronic signatures are hardly a new, cutting-edge technology. Organizations across the globe and of all sizes that are using esignatures have transformed the way they serve both internal staff and their customers and partners – offering a more convenient and efficient digital experience. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the basic terminology, concepts, and laws related to electronic signatures and answer the most frequently asked questions on the topic. If you are just beginning to investigate esignatures for your organization, or if you are new to an esignature project team, don't miss this discussion.

The Deal is Sealed! OpenText Acquires Documentum. Beyond the Hype, What Does It Mean for the Content Management Community?

The ink is dry and the OpenText acquisition of Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division, including Documentum has been finalized. Given the importance of this announcement to the overall Enterprise Content Management community, we thought it would be valuable to gather the AIIM Community together for a candid discussion of the ECM marketplace and how the acquisition fits into the future of content management. Moderated by AIIM Chief Evangelist John Mancini, you’ll hear from a panel of experts representing the end user community, channel partners, OpenText, and Documentum.

How to Plan Your Information Management Strategy in 2017

To help you, AIIM’s chief analyst, Bob Larrivee, has compiled the data from five community-wide surveys and identified the game-changing trends you need to know about. Join us as we outline these trends, the stats behind them, and offer strategies to approach these critical changes to the way you manage information in 2017, including: the rise in compliance and risk driving Information Management, the importance of inbound capture processes, the benefit of automated capture processes, the role of capture with content analytics. We’ll also hear from leading capture consultant Mark Brousseau as he shares customer use case stories to put this analysis into context. Mark and Bob will then offer best practices and recommendations for applying this knowledge within YOUR organization and help you make the case to your executives to help you succeed.

7 Key ECM Changes – A Look Ahead to 2017

For the UK and European Community.  Join AIIM’s Chief Evangelist John Mancini for a forward-thinking look at seven key areas of ECM that have changed and evolved in the last decade, and a look at what 2017 might hold. Some of these points include: the evolution of roles involved in information management projects; how to effectively manage information residing in multiple repositories and systems; and how to leverage metadata to maximize and elevate ECM initiatives. From this analysis we’ll outline steps on how to prepare for a "future-is-now" state. We’ll offer strategies and recommendations for an action-oriented forward-looking content strategy plan to bring success to your organization.

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