AIIM Executive Leadership Council

Interested in connecting with forward thinking professionals in the field? In delving into matters impacting the future of our industry?  This Council was designed for you.

Leadership Summits + Buyer Insight = Smart Strategic Planning

Through bi-annual summits, strategy calls with AIIM’s executive team, and unlimited access to AIIM’s independent, crowd-sourced research from its community of 155,000 information professionals, AIIM’s Executive Leadership Council will help you best align your business goals with today’s buyers.

AIIM Executive Leadership Council

What do I get?

As a member of AIIM’s Executive Leadership Council, you will

  • Articulate the impact of new technologies and information-driven applications on the workplace
  • Craft powerful use cases where technologies transform organizations and ways of work
  • Gain key marketing and product recommendations based on AIIM’s research and shared customer expertise
  • Engage as a network of executives with a shared knowledge library and desire for growth
  • Develop and strengthen meaningful relationships with industry leaders, potential partners, and resellers

AIIM Executive Leadership Council

How does it work?

The Executive Leadership Council has two delegations, the Americas and European.  Each delegation meets twice a year to address two key themes around the future of information management. Their findings are published as AIIM Trendscape reports which forecast changes to our industry and set priorities to take advantage of these emerging trends.

In addition to bi-annual leadership summits, the Council has year round access to AIIM's independent research and its market intelligence team to help with strategic planning. 

AIIM Executive Leadership Council

How do I join?

AIIM's Executive Leadership Council (ELC) is for companies committed to being thought leaders and innovators in our industry. Each participating organization may designate up to two executives for representation on the Leadership Council. These individuals should serve in a strategic role within the organization, and be available to attend both of the annual work sessions. 

Latest Trendscape Reports

Each leadership summit results in a Trendscape report which summarizes the topic discussions, shares user experiences, and creates next-step action plans for organizations.  

2018 Future of Information Management Summit Series

Surviving Digital Disruption: finding opportunity in the drive for platform dominance

Thursday, June 21 in London, UK
Tuesday, June 26 - Wednesday, June 27 in Baltimore, MD

As users view their businesses in new ways, and as disrupters in all sorts of unexpected places introduce new business models, how does this change the way that organizations view their IT needs, and how they consume IT capabilities? What vendor competencies and capabilities will be key as user organizations create their platform plays and new information ecosystems? 

Digital Transformation Enablers: cognitive analytics and business intelligence

Tuesday, October 16 - Wednesday, October 17 in Raleigh, NC
Thursday, October 25 in London, UK

Artificial Intelligence takes what was one of the biggest challenges of internet-generated information – the size of the data set – and leverages it for massive computing power. Market leaders are those organizations able to correlate all that data in order to surface major trends and insights to inform strategy, decisions and innovation. In an AI world, where deep learning completely shrinks the development time while amping up the computing power, do content management capabilities become irrelevant and obsolete?

Ready to take the next step and lead with AIIM?

We want to talk with you! AIIM's ELC is open to organizations and professional experts in the field.  

ELC meetings are always a highlight in my calendar. A great opportunity to exchange innovative ideas with some of the most knowledgeable colleagues in our market.

— George Parapadakis, Director of Business Solutions Strategy, Alfresco

In the 24 hours we're there, AIIM never ceases to deliver a lineup of thought-provoking speakers to a concentrated room of highly knowledgeable industry leaders.

— Jamie Kezeor, Director of Product Mgmt., Upland Software

The ELC brings together some of the finest minds across multiple industries for insightful discussion concerning real-world business problems.

— Butch Reh, VP of Licensing and Marketing, ABBYY USA

Join Our Leaders!

Current Americas Council Company Members

ARC Document Solutions
Husky Energy
Konica Minolta
BC Pension Corporation
Systemware Inc
United Records

Current European Council Company Members

Delaware Consulting
Easy Software
Konica Minolta
Palette Software
Palette Software
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