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Why CIP?

Over the past decade, there has been a “perfect storm” of change driven by consumerization, cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things. It has changed how we think about enterprise information and IT - and changed how we think about the kinds of skills needed to adapt to these changes. The value-add for information technology in organizations is rapidly shifting from the technology per se to the stewardship, optimization, and application of the information assets themselves.

What is CIP?

To meet this need, AIIM worked with industry experts and focus groups to define the body of knowledge necessary for information professionals to be successful in the digital economy, built a certification and test based upon this body of knowledge that is available at locations around the world, and created a set of training courses and materials to help information professionals prepare for the examination. Click the button below to access the CIP Study Guide (free to professional members, $60 for nonmembers).

AIIM's Certified Information Professional

How Do I Get Ready?

The path to CIP should be fairly simple for information practitioners who already have expertise and work experience. AIIM has a number of resources that can help practitioners at all levels prepare to become a Certified Information Professional:

AIIM's Certified Information Professional

How Do I Sign Up?

With testing centers all over the world, Kryterion serves as our approved CIP examination proctor. The exam fee is $349 USD. Professional Members enjoy a discounted fee of just $285 USD (Members should contact Jessica Lombardo for the code to receive the discount). The CIP certification is renewable after three years. 

Where to Test?
Find a testing center near you, then register to take the exam. Please use the button below to access Kryterion's exam registration link. 

AIIM's Certified Information Professional

How Do I Recertify?

Stay up-to-date with changes in information management processes and technologies by re-certifying your CIP every three years. You can: 1) Retake the exam or 2) Submit 45 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over a three-year period. The fee is $75 USD (price increases to $135 USD in 2018) for the 3-year period for AIIM Professional members and $150 USD for non-members. 

For more information on CEUs, visit the CIP Renwal page by clicking the button below. You will find links to make your renewal payment as well as information about CEU submission. Questions? Send an email to Maureen Hearn

The Value of the CIP (to employers)

The value of certification is often explained from the perspective of the individual
and how the certification will benefit him or her. But what about
the organization -- what is the value to an employer in hiring
Certified Information Professionals or developing them internally?
We can answer that!

AIIM's Newest CIPs!

Please welcome the newest CIPs

Allyson Lyles
 Andrea Harris
Anthony Paille
Armig Adourian
Barbara Chudak
Beth Lucason
Brian Mason
Brian Tam
Bruce Ochiyo
Chaitanya Chandu
Candace McCabe
Daniel Rohr
Darryn Young
David Lilleystone
Dhamotharan Shanmugam
Erica Hamilton
François Lebrun
Filipe Litaiff
Finbarr Geaney
Gonçalo Sardinha
James Brown
Janet Fennema

Jennifer Morrison

Josie Powell
Ed Steenhoek
Karie Dias
Katherine Weisenreder
Lorelei Chernyshov
Madhab Paudel
Michelle Smith
Nicole Satchell
Neil McCarthy
Nic Tooth
Olena Kit
Paddy Brown
Pam Doyle
Patrick Neuburg
Peter Aldcroft-Colling
René Kimmijzer
Riad Hassan
Roger Rutkowski
Katherine Weisenre
Rola Salameh
Sami Poikonen
Sammy Alyooi
Srimathi Mathavan
Stephanie Bustran
Steven Decuypere
Sue Bennett
Susan Whitt
Teodor Dragan
Terri Wilson
Vineet Kumar

Want to see your name here? Start your pursuit of this respected
credential with our study guide and practice exam.

Before taking the CIP exam complete a few AIIM courses, the CIP class and study the CIP Study Guide. AIIM is a great source of training and knowledge!

— Elizabeth Croom, Admin. Office of the Courts, North Carolina

I am an Information Professional by education, profession and heart. The CIP certificate provides leverage within my field among clients and fellow Information Professionals.

— Kristin Westbye, Sr. Consulting Manager, Sopra Steria

The CIP for me is a way to show my employer, colleagues, and peers that I am an accredited and accomplished professional in my field.

— Geoff Barber, Senior Consulting Manager, ARMS Inc.

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