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Take the FUD Out of Implementing SharePoint – Just Ask the Folks at Microsoft

Have you ever wanted to ask Microsoft how they use SharePoint? How they removed their own fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD)? How they scale it? How they run Records Management within it? How they suggest you get started with using SharePoint? Well, now you can. We asked Microsoft to sit with AIIM President John Mancini for an entire hour just answering your SharePoint questions. Join us to hear a great conversation.

Exploding Information Growth is Changing your Archive Options: On-prem, in the Cloud, or Hybrid?

Many organizations today are still wary of moving their sensitive data to the cloud – nearly half of those surveyed said as much. So what’s holding you back? In this webinar, we’ll discuss how archiving your data in the cloud can actually lower your risk, better support compliance, and increase IT efficiency. Learn how this part of the industry is evolving and why many of the largest financial, insurance, government, and pharma companies have moved into the cloud.
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