Certified Information Professional

2016 CIP Program Update

Prepare to be delighted. Our work on a revamped CIP program is coming together and will launch in April 2016!  There will be significant changes to the topics and exam questions -- all based on feedback garnered from our current CIPs. We also are negotiating with a new exam vendor and believe the registration process will be easier to navigate.  

Come February look for an outline of the program in this space as well as new updates.

CIP Recertification
We will have the other CIP pages back online later this month after we complete the updates and revisions. For those seeking to recertify, please log your CEUs on the recertification form and email it to training@aiim.org. If you have questions please send an email to Maureen Hearn, mhearn@aiim.org.

CIP Exam
The link to register for the CIP exam will be restored once details have been set for the new exam provider.