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Documents in the Cloud: Who Owns Them?

Did you know that 47% of our members we surveyed are using cloud or a combination of cloud and on-premises for their ECM systems? Yet, few of those organizations have a clue about how to manage their cloud-based documents or understand that they need to be protected, shared, and maintained throughout their lifecycle. Join AIIM researcher, Bob Larrivee as he shares the latest findings on the issues that ECM users are facing.

Maximizing Your Content Value: Capture, Case Management, Compliance, Mobile Workforce

White Paper

In this report, we look at four aspects of ECM that go beyond the basics and round out the true business potential: capture, case management, information governance and mobile access. For each one we outline the business case and suggest how to focus specific attention on each project.

Beyond EU Data Privacy Regulations: 5 Steps You Can Take Now to Comply and Thrive

For our UK and European community.  Hidden in your organisation's data is vast amounts of information -- much of it subject to protection under impending EU privacy rules and regulations. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to use this compliance opportunity to drive a reduction in overall IT operational spend and build a culture of compliance for the benefit of your customers and citizens who trust your organisation with their private information. We’ll walk you through 5 steps for achieving a global enterprise solution for audit and remediation of customer information – wherever that information is located.

Information Governance Policy vs Information Governance Reality: Filling the Gap

For our UK and European community.  Information Governance (IG) is “a good thing” as it wraps together regulatory compliance, security and privacy, records retention, and e-discovery policies. A new category of tools is emerging under the category of data clean-up, file analysis, or even “file analysis, classification and remediation” (FACR). And in this webinar, AIIM’s Doug Miles will discuss the results from his latest research that addresses: Can such systems be trusted? What features are important? What repositories and file types can be classified? What ROI can be expected?

Building the Business Case for Enterprise-Wide Information Governance

Information Governance does more than empower organizations to take control of their information, ensure compliance, and reduce costs. In this webinar we’ll discuss the real value of Information Governance and how it affords organizations: business agility through faster access to enterprise information; immediacy of information, making it easier for customers to interact with your business or brand; faster response to events and inquiries; quicker decision making at all levels of the organization.

Content Enabling the Mobile Workforce

White Paper

In this paper, we present some approaches to meeting the demands of a mobile workforce.

Services Drives Success (or Not) In ECM Implementations

White Paper

In this paper, we present various options and approaches to services relative to ECM implementations.

Digital Signatures: Ready for Production

White Paper

In this report, we look at the drivers for electronic signing, the general understanding of the different technologies, the issues that might be preventing adoption, and the ROI that is being achieved by users.

Overcome the 5 Deadly Process Improvement Inefficiencies: How Content Can Work FOR, not AGAINST, You

For our UK and European community. There are many ways to reduce and eliminate waste in your organisation’s processes and align these efforts with organisational goals and objectives. In this webinar, we will outline the 5 Deadly Process Improvement Inefficiencies and have an in-depth discussion on digital signatures -- one of the quickest wins, with a high ROI, that you can achieve. This will be illustrated with case study examples exploring the benefits of incorporating process improvement methodologies with digital signature technology.

5 Steps to Optimizing your ECM Investment

For our UK and European community. It’s tough managing all the systems where all your organization’s information lives. And the reality is that ECM is a multi-system landscape. In this webinar, AIIM’s Bob Larrivee will discuss the 5 Steps to managing your information well. We’ll discuss the strategies and tips to help you today with: Managing email effectively; Managing legacy repositories; Avoiding big bang migration; Addressing change management; and Encouraging user adoption.

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