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GDPR Virtual Event -- GDPR: A Force for Transformation

Creating a foundation to fluidly meet GDPR can uncover new opportunities to innovate for the future. Yes it requires a great digital strategy. Join us as we explore some opportunities and lessons we learned while implementing a holistic approach for regulations in a large financial institution.

Member VIP Lounge Replay

During this VIP Lounge, we reviewed how you can optimize your membership by connecting with others online. In addition, we talked with member Tom Wellman from the Florida State Board of Administration who would like to start a group for those implementing, or have recently implemented, an ECM system.

Member VIP Lounge Replay

Join long time AIIM Member and Records Manager, Monica Crocker, Group Records Coordinator at Wells Fargo.

Understand how the AIIM community is defining the modern records manager:

  • What does it mean?
  • How do you prepare?
  • What's in it for you?

Member VIP Lounge Replay

During this month's VIP Lounge we chatted with Julie Harvey, long time AIIM member and CIP. For more than 30 years, Julie has had many opportunities across all areas of risk and information management initiatives.

Gain from Julie’s advice as she shares the most important lessons she has learned while helping organizations digitally transform and start information governance programs.

Watch this VIP Lounge replay to understand:

  • The 3 P’s: Passion, Persuasion and Perseverance
  • There are no Out-of-the-Box Solution
  • The Why - Know the Value of your (Company) Information Asset
  • The How – Progression toward Transformation: Assess, Plan and Building the Foundation
  • Further Your Involvement with AIIM through AIIM’s Online Community, Chapters, and Focus Groups

Information Governance Virtual Event - 3 Key Strategies to Close the Cloud Governance Gap in Your Organization

Join Drew Phillips, Director of IT, Amteck and Josh Rosenberg, Sr. PMM Information Governance, Box to see how your organization can build and execute a cloud first infogov strategy that keeps its people productive.

Information Governance Virtual Event - Real Life InfoGov Case Study: HDR's InfoGov Journey

Hear the multi-year experience of a global architectural and construction company along their InfoGov journey.

Information Governance Virtual Event - Practical Approach to Advancing Information Governance

In this session you'll learn the practical, repeatable process to create an information governance strategy.

Information Governance Virtual Event - Lean Governance – 3 Tips to Solving Mobile & Email Chaos

In this session, you’ll discover 3 tips for turning chaos into order. Discover a “lean” approach to expedite your success to a governed digital workplace while boosting worker productivity.

Information Governance Virtual Event - Developing Our 5 Year InfoGov Plan

Picture yourself as the new IG Manager of an organization, people are looking to you to bring knowledge and expertise and they want a plan. You looked good on paper and talked a good game during the interview…now it’s time to deliver.

Information Governance Virtual Event - Information Governance at Pandora Media, Year 4: Segueing to Records Disposal

Learn about the Information Governance program at Pandora Media, Inc. In year four of their program, follow along to hear about lessons learned over the years.
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