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Information Governance Virtual Event - If Blockchain and AI You Do Then Govern You Must

These are no longer Star Wars pipe dreams; rather these technologies are here and now. As we introduce innovative technologies into our business ecosystems, what impacts should we consider in both our information governance and our information management strategies?

Information Governance Virtual Event - Developing Our 5 Year InfoGov Plan

Picture yourself as the new IG Manager of an organization, people are looking to you to bring knowledge and expertise and they want a plan. You looked good on paper and talked a good game during the interview…now it’s time to deliver.

Information Governance Virtual Event - Cybersecurity and Information Governance

Cybersecurity is just as misunderstood as Information Governance. Dr. Hasib explains why Cybersecurity is people powered perpetual innovation. Information governance is a key aspect of cybersecurity.

Member VIP Lounge Replay

New to AIIM’s Membership Program or need a refresher? Watch this VIP Lounge replay as we review key member benefits.

Watch this VIP Lounge replay to understand:

  • Explore AIIM’s Website
  • Understand Your Premium Benefits
  • Learn More About AIIM’s CIP and Training Discounts
  • Further Your Involvement with AIIM through AIIM’s Online Community, Chapters, and Focus Groups

AIIM On Air Podcast: Rich Howarth from IBM Part Two on analytics - Edward Hess, author of The New Smart Machine Age on robotics

Episode 38: Professor Edward Hess discusses The New Smart Machine Age and where humans fit in. Will smart machines and robots start taking our jobs? What can we do to prepare for the inevitable transformation to robotics and automation? Ed is a Professor of Business Administration at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. You’ve seen and heard him in places like WSJ Radio, CNBC, NPR, and Investor’s Business Daily. Also, part two of an interview with Rich Howarth, Vice President of Engineering, Watson Data Platform at IBM, discussing Watson, AI and analytics.

AIIM On Air Podcast: Bob Larrivee on BPM, GDPR; Rich Howarth on innovations in analytics & cognitive capture

Episode 37: Bob Larrivee, Vice President and Chief Analyst at AIIM, discusses the new AIIM Industry Watch Report Business Process Automation 2017 – Designing an Intelligent Workplace. Bob also discusses recent research on Understanding GDPR Readiness in 2017. Also, part one of an interview with Rich Howarth, Vice President of Engineering, Watson Data Platform at IBM, discusses innovations in analytics, cognitive capture and how Watson fits into the new paradigm of Intelligent Information Management.

Member VIP Lounge Replay

This month Thomas LaMonte joined us to share key findings from AIIM's Business Process Automation research: Designing an Intelligent Workplace.

Watch this VIP Lounge replay to understand:

  • Which Processes are key targets for automation
  • How BI and Analytics are providing insight into business operations
  • How much of an impact process automation has on workplace productivity
  • How businesses are improving customer engagement through process automation

AIIM Conference 2017 - Discovering the Benefits of a Paperless Office

AIIM’s World Paper Free Hero; Chris Beebe will share his experiences and reasoning for the paperless initiative at Raleigh General Hospital.

AIIM Conference 2017 - Big Data and its Use in Human Capital and Workforce Planning Decisions

It’s no secret, HR controls vast amounts of information. Such data is regularly reviewed through the lens of talent analysis and people analytics.

AIIM Conference 2017 - Keynote: My MisAdventure in the Startup Bubble

In this talk, Dan shares the perspective of a tech industry veteran who spent two years working inside a fast-growing startup “unicorn” as a kind of “corporate anthropologist,” and explains the key things that make these organizations nimble, flexible and able to achieve rapid growth.
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