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Using Analytics – automating processes and extracting knowledge

Industry Watch

In this comprehensive report, we take an in-depth look at the take-up of analytics applications, the success factors and outcomes, integration across repositories, and the issues, benefits and ROI resulting from analytics use. Above all, we look at the progress of organizations moving towards the incorporation of analytics to automate their business processes, and extract valuable customer and business knowledge to enhance their decision-making processes.

3 Strategic Choices Facing HR Professionals

AIIM Tip Sheet

Many organizations have reaped enormous benefits from more effectively managing the unstructured information association with core Human Resources processes. That's the good news. The bad news is that MOST organizations have not yet moved down the path of HR automation, creating huge inefficiencies and risks in their hiring, retaining, employee servicing and firing practices.

The Whole Picture - Using Process Intelligence to Extend Business Intelligence

White Paper

In this white paper, we discover how organizations are using business intelligence tools enhanced by process intelligence to see the whole picture and leverage value from actionable insights.

Managing Content Beyond the Corporate Walls

In this infographic, we look at how organizations are accessing and storing content, the demand for device-agnostic access, and what changes can be expected in content management practices.

From Intranet (or ECM) to a Digital Workplace

White Paper

In this white paper, we explore how to meet this challenge and support the growing remote workforce.  Learn about how to overcome the challenges of supporting a remote workforce, the benefits of implementing a mobile approach and our recommendations.

Putting the Power of Business Automation into the Hands of Your Business Managers

White Paper

Download this white paper to learn about, the challenges and benefits of empowering the business unit to make process changes, how to achieve the flexibility, agility, and security organizations need to increase operational efficiency and our recommendations.

SMB: Everything You Need to Know About ECM

White Paper

In this focused article, we take a look at the essential information all SMBs need to know to kick-start their ECM initiative, and explore the unique requirements, leadership, cultural directives, and education needed to make it successful.

The State of Digital Revolution in Government

In this infographic, we explore the potential for ECM solutions to be used as an effective tool to bridge the digital gap, reducing response times, lowering costs, enhancing collaboration, and promoting anywhere anytime content access through mobile and cloud integration.

The Value of Collaborative Manufacturing

White Paper

Download this article to discover how PDF technologies can be applied to the manufacturing sector to create value in collaboration.

For the People: Driving Digital Government with ECM

White Paper

In this focused article, we turn a critical eye to government agencies working at the speed-of-paper, and take a look at how content and information management solutions serve public citizens, government workers, and government interests by cutting down on response times, removing collaborative boundaries or restrictions, improving security, heightening operational awareness, and reducing costs and inefficiencies.
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