Information Is Your Most Important Asset. Learn the Skills to Manage It.

Established as an industry association almost 75 years ago, AIIM continues to serve a thriving and diverse community of information management practitioners through market research, expert advice, and skills development.

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These are disruptive times. The volume, velocity and variety of our business information is creating chaos. Our extensive library of resources is focused on these business objectives:


How do I automate my business processes to save time and money?
Information Governance and Security

Protection & Privacy

How do I govern and secure my organization's information?

Data analytics - gaining insight from your information


How can I gain insight to better understand and engage my internal and external customers?

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This training program is one of the key success factors in a BPM project - when all stakeholders have a common understanding and vision of the capabilities.

— Phillippe Pierre, Lead Partner, PwC

I would not be able to stay current in this fast paced industry without an information resource like AIIM.

— Monica Crocker, Group Records Coordinator, Wells Fargo

The AIIM Conference has changed me as a person. It has enriched me intellectually. The openness of each individual; the specialist knowledge; and the passion for AIIM and the community.

— Jim Ongena, Functional Consultant, Ordina

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