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AIIM TR 40-1995, Suggested Index Fields for Documents in Electronic Image Management (EIM) Environments

This technical report describes sample fields of attribute information to be captured for use with electronic imaging systems. The fields described do not make up an exhaustive list, but are a set of possible fields.

The purpose of this technical report is to describe fields of attribute information that are often used with electronic imaging systems. This information may take the form of a collection of database fields or a structured computer record that refers to an image record on an electronic, digital image medium. Such a collection of database fields includes a necessary and sufficient description of the image record to control subsequent storage, retrieval, and archive management-related actions with that image record.

The information contained in the fields described in this document is similar to that typically used in a text management application. It is designed to be informative to a user if it is displayed in an image query response.

System designers could elect to use some or all of the fields described in this technical report in addition to fields that are specific to the application they are designing.

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