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AIIM TR15-1997, Planning Considerations Addressing Preparation of Documents for Image Capture

This technical report serves as a guide for document preparation. This report identifies and describes the physical preparation of documents for systems that capture images. This report also addresses planning considerations and provides a set of generic procedures to prepare documents for image capture.

This technical report addresses the preparation of paper documents and microforms for image capture. This report also includes the following conversion scenarios:

  • paper to microform;
  • paper to digital;
  • paper to microform and digital
  • paper to microform to digital
  • paper to digital and then to microform;
  • microform to digital
In this report, “microforms” will include the common forms of microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards. This report only addresses those efforts and considerations up to the actual filming or digitizing of the documents and the handling of the original documents thereafter.

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