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Before you begin any information management project, consult AIIM's toolkits to understand what you need to consider to ensure your project's success.

How to Get Started With Content Analytics

Your organization is sitting on a treasure trove of information! How can you get to those treasures? Content Analytics is the answer. AIIM defines content analytics as using defined rules as well as mathematical, statistical, and semantic models to automate how content is captured, analyzed, and governed over its lifecycle. Seth Grimes shared that ‘text analytics uses linguistic and statistical techniques to extract concepts and patterns that can be applied to categorize and classify documents, audio, video and images.’ (Source: 2011 Text Analytics Summit)

Through the use of content analytics, you will be able to help your organization make better decisions, improve products and services to customers, and improve internal processes.  Content analytics is also driving auto-classification, content remediation, Information Governance, security correction, adaptive case management, risk reduction, and operations monitoring.

This toolkit will help you to get started analyzing your data to be able to harvest the valuable nuggets of information from the vast amount of information in your organization’s systems.

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