Women In Information Management (WIIM)

WIIM’s purpose is to advance women in information management by providing leadership, mentoring, advocacy, networking, industry education, and professional development.

Our mission is to engage and empower women worldwide in information management.


WIIM Goals

  • To provide support for women in all aspects of information management.
  • To educate and mentor young women into the path of information management as a career field worth pursuing.
  • To help women succeed in their careers and break barriers.
  • Collaborate and contribute to the growth of AIIM and the information management industry.

Education and networking will be available via multiple media, and led by your peers


It's so important that women feel empowered in our industry to take leadership roles. Who better to empower them than other women?

— Heather Newman, CMO, Content Panda

I am thrilled to be helping lead WIIM. There has never been a more important moment in time for women in information management.

— Pam Doyle, Founder, PD Square

I absolutely look forward to connecting and learning from the awesome women in information management. Exciting times.

— Andrea Chiappe, Former Director of innovation and Strategy, Systemware

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