How to Extract Intelligence from Your Information

    Learn how to extract the value from your information - no matter the type - and leverage it to support your business goals and objectives.

    Foundations of Intelligent Information Management, Domain 2: How to Extract Intelligence from Your Information

    Information has little value if it cannot be found, retrieved, and accessed in support of business objectives. But in too many organizations, information is stored in “digital landfills” that offer little in the way of organization, structure, or findability. Many organizations look to new tools that promise to automate how information is captured and classified, but tools by themselves are insufficient. Providing structure in the form of metadata and taxonomies greatly enhances the value of analytics and artificial intelligence tools.

    In this course, we’ll show you how to identify, capture, and automate metadata. We’ll outline the benefits of an effective taxonomy and how to create one that works for the organization. We’ll review approaches to extracting intelligence from structured information applications as well as scanned images. We’ll describe new strategies that leverage advances in analytics and artificial intelligence. And we’ll bring it all together with a discussion of how to improve the findability of information assets.

    This course is for anyone who:

    • Needs to find information to do their job
    • Needs to manage information more effectively
    • Wants to improve the findability of enterprise information assets

    By the end of this course, you will learn how to:

    • Extract and capture metadata from a variety of sources
    • Describe the benefits of taxonomies and other classifications schemes
    • Leverage analytics and artificial intelligence tools to improve metadata capture and information classification
    • Improve the findability of information

    This course is approved for 3 hours of CIP maintenance credits.

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