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Guard against fraud and comply with regulations 
Reduce risk and cost by eliminating what you don’t need  
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Why is Perimeter Information Security No Longer Enough?

Tip Sheet

As we continue to change how we work with the use of technology like mobile, perimeter security just may no longer be enough. Download this tip sheet to learn how the security focus needs to shift in two directions –to information end points and to information entry points.

Bridging the Gap Between Security Awareness and Action


Download this FREE infographic to learn about the 5 key elements of an effective information security strategy and your 4-step plan to put it all into action.

Bridging the Gap Between Security Awareness and Action


The key to keeping your business' name out of the data breach headlines comes down to strategy. Learn about 5 key objectives to a successful information security strategy.

5 Key Data Points About Information Overload and Automating Governance


In this FREE infographic we outline 5 key data points about information overload and automating governance - consider it a life raft to keep you afloat in the rising tide.

Blockchain Is Coming to an Organization Near You— Is Yours Next?

Alan Pelz-Sharpe – a leading expert on blockchain – will explain how blockchain provides indisputable Proof of Authenticity 1) to all the content you capture, store, and share; and 2) to all the transactions you process.

Clearing the Air – What You Really Need to Know About Content Services in the Cloud

After all the hype about moving content to the Cloud over the past few years, there are still many misconceptions about when and how to deploy content services in the cloud. In this webinar, we'll discuss everything you need to know about content services in the cloud.

5 Lines of Business that Require Good Governance


In this eBook, we will highlight how good governance practices around retention management, defensible discovery, and security policies will help drive digital transformation. Specifically, how they make legal, finance, HR, marketing, and sales departments more productive while reducing corporate risk.

Information Security Made Easy – Best Practices to Enhance Your Processes and Practices

No matter where an organization is in the process of developing and implementing security controls in your various system and applications, there are always new techniques and innovations emerging to help you avoid any potential problems along the way. In this webinar, we’ll outline and illustrate some of these latest techniques and innovations. We’ll share best practices to reduce and eliminate holes in your data security by: ensuring controlled access to your data, no matter what the file type, to whomever is supposed to receive, access, or interact with that data at that point in time; and enabling secure collaboration at every appropriate point in the workflow; engaging the right annotations and redactions to continue the work in the process flow to its completion.

Robotic Process Automation – Your GDPR Hero

For our UK and European community.  Now with GDPR compliance in full force and effect, one of the major aspects of this is around finding, accessing, and rectifying data. As you may know, EU citizen can now ask you to review their own data that you have, ask you to “rectify and amend” that data, and even invoke their right to be forgotten. Join us for this FREE webinar and learn how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help you: find, access, and rectify the requested information rapidly and handily; ensure that you’re finding every instance of the citizen’s data regardless where that information resides (official repositories, in the cloud, local drives, etc.); make all the necessary amendments in all the places you need; and ensure you’re finding all the data in the first place, especially if your ingestion processes are not consistent.

Information Security and Compliance Through the Prism of Finance and Legal

Tip Sheet

Getting the basics of security and compliance right is critical, in this Tip Sheet we explore two specific functions within every company – finance and legal.
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