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Your Document Strategy Is About to Be Disrupted: Why Is That a Good Thing?

For our UK and European community.  Join us as we discuss: how digital disruption is affecting organisations and delivering more ways to stay competitive and nimble; how efficient management of information can enhance communication with customers, suppliers, stakeholders, regulators and employees, and become a valuable business resource that can help maintain compliance and reduce operational costs; and the role of the cloud in helping you become more agile, more productive, and more customer focused – a winning combination.

Time for Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Up Your Data

In this webinar we’ll discuss valuable ways you can begin to make sense of the vast expanse of the information within your organization. We’ll provide tips on how to: get to know what data you have throughout your organization; clean up the ROT – redundant, obsolete, and trivial information; reduce storage and move forward with cleaner and safer data; and mploy cost-effective and consistent retention and records management practices.

21 Tips for Putting Digital Transformation in Action

White Paper

In this eBook, we will share with you the 21 tips you need to know to put Digital Transformation in Action.

A Holistic Approach to Digital Transformation

Businesses are seeking ways to better utilize their information assets, provide a single point of access to business information, automate manual processes, improve workforce engagement at all levels, and increase collaborative capabilities. In this webinar, we'll discuss approaches organizations can take with a holistic view of your information environments to transform how you work. The time is now to move forward toward digital transformation initiatives that provide seamless, efficient, and effective access and transactional capabilities across the enterprise.

eSignatures in Europe -- Understanding the New Regulation and How It Can Help Your Business

For our UK and European Community. Join speaker Stephen Mason, Barrister, the recognised authority on electronic signatures and electronic evidence as he outlines the subtle change to e-signatures in the eIDAS regulation and what it means for your organisation; and discusses the characteristics of a trustworthy e-signature. He'll also share best practices and the technology in place to help your organisation be compliant and work more efficiently with the new regulation.

Information Management - 2016 and Beyond


In this paper, I have provided a compilation of our 2015 Industry Watch research data along with some of my views on where we are headed in 2016 and beyond. I encourage you to download it today to get some of the most insightful research in our industry.

Harness the Power of the Cloud to Amplify the Value of Enterprise Content Management

White Paper

Download this paper today, and learn how your organization can “Harness the Power of the Cloud to Amplify the Value of Enterprise Content Management".

How Paper-Free Can Help You Find What You Need When You Need It

In this webinar, join AIIM Analyst Bob Larrivee as he takes an in-depth look at the amount of paper in the office, the impediments to removing it, the take-up of digital mailrooms, multi-channel capture, and the increasing exploitation of mobile capture. He’ll look at the progress towards paper-free processes, the triggers and decision-making processes, and the issues, benefits, ROI – and the opportunities this means for your organization.

eSignatures in Europe: Understanding the Legal Requirements for Proof of Intent

White Paper

This paper provides an insight about eIDAS impacts, explains new options and displays some best practice examples of trustworthy e-signing in Europe.

Content Analytics Trendscape


AIIM brought its industry think tank, the Leadership Council, together to discuss the impact of the content analytics in the next one to two years. This reports summarizes their discussion, insights, and directives.
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