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What If Your Search Was Better and More Encompassing?

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Enterprise search with semantic enrichment provides a framework to rethink the enterprise search value equation. The Council of Science Editors notes, "Content Semantic enrichment is the process of adding a layer of topical metadata to content so that machines can make sense of it and build connections to it...Semantic metadata provides the answer to an important question, 'What is the meaning of this content' in a way that computers can process so that they can find, filter, and connect information." Download this FREE tip sheet and learn how semantic technologies can improve enterprise search.

Tapping the Power of Content Analytics – Exploring this Powerful Solution

There’s a lot of talk about analytics in our community – saying it’s the key to unleashing the true power of insights to transform your business. According to new AIIM research, 46% of respondents indicated that the greatest focus within their organizations in the next 12 months will be on analytics. And it’s no wonder with list of its benefits, including unifying digital  information – including unstructured, scanned and user generated – across channels. Join us for webinar where we’ll discuss how to take the guesswork out of analytics and begin to use it to connect the dots, make smarter business decisions, and put your data to work for you.

Case Study Webinar: Learn How One Large Insurance Company Successfully Shares and Collaborates Outside the Firewalls

There’s a growing demand by and for employees to share and collaborate on documents with people inside and outside of their organizations. As a result, businesses must carefully assess their file sharing needs. In this Case Study webinar, we’ll hear from a leading large insurance company that has successfully mastered this integration, which appears seamlessly to their customers and business partners. We’ll look at how this company: determined their business and functional requirements in order to choose a solution; made the case to their executives to get the project approved; assessed what processes had to change, and determined what type of training was needed, to prepare for this new way of working; and measures the ROI, with both the hard and soft benefits of their successful implementation.

From Documents to Content to Data


Relational databases typically store information in rows and columns in tables, with column names providing the linkages between tables. The relational model works terrifically well within a particular database, but can create challenges across databases, particularly at scale when linking vast volumes of data with inconsistent naming conventions. For over two decades, the disciplines of content management and data management have existed in somewhat parallel universes. This disconnect has manifested itself in a lack of integration between data-centric business systems and ECM systems. Download this new e-book exploring the connections between documents and content and data.

How Should We Think About Modernizing Information Management?

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A lot has happened in the last 20 years that has changed the way we manage our information. With indicators showing even more changes and advancements on the way, it’s important to start modernizing now. How are content transparency, usability and mobility coming together? Why are cloud and hybrid implementations on the rise? How are compliance and risk affecting the complexity of business operations? Download this FREE tip sheet and learn how to prepare for the significant changes underway.

Finding the Right Information in your Stockpiled Content

Stop wasting your time and energy on a constant hunt for information. In this webinar, we’ll discuss tips and tricks to help you find the information you need when you need it. You’ll learn how to: organize your information; make your information easier to find; apply basic metadata to aid in classification and retrieval. We’ll also show you how you can automate capturing the metadata within your information to find the right information at the right time when you need it most.

How Will the Proliferation of Mobile Impact How You Process Customer Information?

For our UK and European community.  Many organisations are struggling to adapt to the new mobile reality. AIIM research found that only 22% of companies support mobile access to important business documents. Only 21% have mobile capture, and only 13% have process interaction on mobile. Many are being kept hostage by old legacy business practices or IT systems – they struggle to make the required changes to embrace the future. Join this webinar to learn: How the proliferation of smartphones will impact how you process customer information and documents?; How to use smartphones to transform your business processes; How to capture or scan important information using smartphones; and How to achieve this without having to replace large legacy systems.

The Appification of Content Management


Consumerization is driving massive changes in how buyers evaluate enterprise IT. In this Trendscape Report, you'll gain five key strategies to help you win in a new era of content services.  

Revolution or Evolution


In this white paper, we explore the key changes to our industry and take a look at the new era of content management and what that means for you, including 10 recommendations to get you on your way.

5 Steps to Uncover Business Insight

Tip Sheet

There is a growing need to pull back the curtain and closely examine the enterprise's critical processes and functions to gain operational intelligence. We do this to make processes more efficient, analyze useful metrics, adjust for bottlenecks, and ultimately improve the business. Business Intelligence (BI) tools are unable to offer a perfect image; there exist blind spots in their coverage. BI tools lack process awareness, and as a result, some events in the business go unseen. Download this tip sheet and learn how to uncover these blind spots to gain the proper vantage point to see the whole picture.
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