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How to Fit Artificial Intelligence into Your Information Management Strategy


Download this FREE ebook to learn how to make sense of all the talk around Artificial Intelligence (AI). In it, we break AI down into some digestible chunks, or buckets of AI use, and outline the most common cases for AI in information management.

What Does it Mean for Procurement Processes to be Both Intelligent AND Connected?

Tip Sheet

There's an argument to be made for extending ECM capabilities into your ERP system. But where should one begin? In this tip sheet, we explore procurement as an ideal ERP process that would benefit from integrating content seamlessly into your ERP system.

What does it Mean for CRM Processes to be both Intelligent AND Connected?

Tip Sheet

Download this FREE tip sheet to learn more about the 4 questions every C-level executive and business professional should ask about their CRM system.

What does it Mean for Human Resources Processes to be both Intelligent AND Connected?

Tip Sheet

Learn how Intelligent Information Management can be applied to your Human Resources processes to revolutionize your Human Capital Management.

Process Improvement Through Automation

Tip Sheet

Cost savings will always be a driver for organizations, but in today’s world of digital transformation, the key focus of companies has shifted to enabling their people to do more through the successful adoption of digital technologies, like process improvement through automation.  In this FREE tip sheet, we explore the world of process improvement though automation.

Process Improvement is the Catalyst for Digital Transformation

Tip Sheet

Digital transformation is all about change - changing technology, changing how the organization operates, and changing the overall business strategy. Therefore, the key to your digital transformation journey lies in unlocking the catalyst for these changes in your business. In this FREE tip sheet we explore how you can use process improvement as the perfect catalyst for your digital transformation.

5 Questions to Determine Whether Your AI Solution is Really "Intelligent"

Tip Sheet

To ensure you're using this technology to its fullest potential - what kinds of questions should you be asking about AI? In particular, how should you view AI in the context of automating the processing of documents? Get this FREE tip sheet outlining 5 questions to help you determine whether your AI solution is really intelligent.

The True Cost of Data Retention


Organizations are facing an explosion of unstructured content retention challenges. The volume of unstructured information that is coming into organizations — much of it content — is challenging even the most well-intentioned of organizations in their efforts to keep up. Businesses will save a ton of time if they take steps NOW to put the systems in place to govern the rising tide of unstructured data that powers your business - Learn how with this FREE ebook.

Surviving Digital Disruption: Finding Opportunity in the Drive for Platform Dominance

Trendscape Report

Digital Transformation is not just about doing things differently, but about doing different things. As users view their businesses in new ways, and as disrupters in all sorts of unexpected places introduce new transformative business models, how does this change the way organizations view their technology needs, and consume content capabilities? What vendor competencies and capabilities will be key as user organizations create their platform plays and new information ecosystems?

Digital Darwinism – Three Transformational Tactics to Consider

Tip Sheet

As Charles Darwin once famously said: “In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” I believe that to prevail today, organizations must devise new ways of working that intensify collaboration and improvisation (e.g., innovation); and that means evolving beyond simply being “paperless.” How can you do that? Get this FREE tip sheet for three transformational tactics to consider.
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