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Developing the Digital Office Virtual Event: Breaking Through the Limits Of Document Capture for Trade Finance

IBM and HSBC, the world's seventh largest bank, have partnered to design and deploy a document capture solution for Trade Finance, which integrates text analytics and Natural Language Understanding technologies to automate the capture of banking documents. Trade Finance is a document-intensive business process that involves extracting data from a wide variety of free form documents, which are exchanged between importers, exporters, banks, carriers, customs, insurers, and other parties involved in the export of goods all over the world. Previously, HSBC had tried other document automation solutions, but were unable to achieve acceptable results. This presentation will show how IBM Datacap's cognitive capture approach is able to extract the data needed to drive the process with extraordinary results.

Developing the Digital Office Virtual Event: Understanding Durable Formats

Organizations often make their best efforts at managing their digital content in response to compliance or regulatory requirements. They have Master Records Retention Schedules. They apply retention policies to their digital content. And they implement Records Management solutions. But as technology progresses, none of these measures ensure that the digital formats they archive today can be rendered, display, or printed, ten, fifteen, or twenty years from today. The notion of a "Durable Format" for long-term archiving is a discussion often overlooked when organizations plan they Content Services deployments. Until it's too late.

Developing the Digital Office Virtual Event: Finding the Right Balance with Digital Collaboration Tools

Digital technologies enable a new level of collaboration with distributed teams in a way never before seen. It is easy, cheap, and quick to start using a new collaboration tool whenever a team feels it will help them get the job done. What you end up with, though, is a growing number of apps and repositories that don’t talk to each other and have no unifying strategy or governance. The challenge is to provide a collection of collaboration tools that meet your organization’s needs within and across teams. It must be a balance of enabling innovation and collaboration while minimizing chaos, risk, and cost. This session will discuss how Tahzoo is transforming its collaboration globally.

Developing the Digital Office Virtual Event: The Robots Are help!

Paper is everywhere. It exists across all departments and each with unique requirements such as mail rooms, legal correspondence and archiving precious records. Managing these paper records, especially for large/global organizations, is challenging and time consuming because many workflows are still manual. Technology has evolved rapidly in robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Why not apply them to records and information management?

Developing the Digital Office Virtual Event: Streamlining Mortgage File Processing with Advanced Capture and Workflow Automation

MetaSource will discuss how they were able to implement Advanced Capture/OCR and Workflow Automation in their outsourcing operations for the Mortgage and Banking industry. Specifically they'll share their successes around content ingestion from multiple input channels. This session will highlight the increased productivity, throughput and accuracy gained using automated classification, extraction, and business process automation.

Developing the Digital Office Virtual Event: Three Plays for Tackling File Rooms and Archives

Noble Energy will share how the global oil and gas independent is changing to more actively manage all unstructured information. The Company suggests that to develop the digital office, we should also tackle the paper-based file rooms and archives. Long-term Southwest Chapter Board member, Ritch Tolbert, will provide insight and recommended actions for enhancing your value at work and making a difference where you are. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to benchmark your organization against another.

Developing the Digital Office Virtual Event: A CIO’s Guide to Digital Transformation

This session will be take you through the critical components of building a Technology Vision within our organization, driven by the organizational strategy and the CEO.  We will also discuss:
• What are the key factors needed to begin the journey.
• How do we interact with our customers
• How we would prioritize our work 
• What projects we decided to take on
• What is success and how do we measure it
• Where are we at today and what does our future look like

All of this is started with a vision that we turned into a reality!

Developing the Digital Office Virtual Event: Legacy to Innovation: Intelligent Document Capture Transformation

AI, Machine Learning and IoT have driven advanced capture solutions well beyond what could be achieved less than a decade ago. The great news is that these innovations add much more value than simply reducing data entry costs and improving data accuracy. Learn how the Washington State Health Care Authority made the transition from legacy capture to an innovative cloud-based solution, and how they made dramatic improvements to their healthcare reimbursement program.

GDPR Virtual Event -- Get Doing Privacy Right now! A case study in implementing GDPR for a global services organization

Knowing what GDPR is and how it effects your organisation are only the first steps to achieving compliance. Organisations must take concrete steps to operationalize the management of processes, stakeholders and information sources that relate to GDPR. Using a case study, Metataxis will describe an overall approach to achieving practical GDPR compliance with the implementation of Active Navigation's file analysis platform. This approach not only delivers short term compliance, but sustained compliance over time, while delivering information management and governance benefits.

GDPR Virtual Event -- The Minimum You Need to Do before GDPR Goes Live: 4 P’s of GDPR Readiness

Being ready for the GDPR takes time and planning and staying in compliance is over time requires considerable attention and supervision.  At ASG, we’ve grouped these into the 4 P’s of GDPR readiness.  No, not product, price, promotion, placement but Preparation, Production, Performance and Persistence.  Ready for “go live”’ takes considerable preparation across the data the organization has captured and the processes it runs.  A complete review of everything in order to identify and understand personal data under management is critical. Yet, organizations must also be ready to manage productions that captures consent of data subjects and the applications that process this data.  Performance refers to the review and oversight that must take place as the organization is made audit ready.  Finally, any organization must have the persistence and the needed reports and monitoring in place to assure compliance over the long term.  While preparation of the data estate may seem the most obvious requirement for “GDPR go live” in fact, organizations must be ready across the entire spectrum of compliance related tasks.
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