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Reduce paper handling and inefficiencies
Improve performance of people and systems
Take advantage of mobile and cloud opportunities

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How Global Records Management Practices and Standards Are Evolving for Business Today

Join us for a compelling webinar where we take a realistic look at the evolution of Records Management today. You’ll learn about: concepts and principles of modern Records Management; determining and implementing records requirements; responsibilities, monitoring, and training; and the latest review to the International Standard (ISO14589) and how it will impact and help government agencies and businesses alike.

Improve Content Access, Team Collaboration, and Mobility

In this Infographic based on the AIIM white paper titled “Shared Content Foundation for Company-wide Engagement”, we highlight key areas of improvement and the need to eliminate content silos made up of shared drives.

Shared Content Foundation for Company-Wide Engagement

White Paper

In this paper we present the challenges related to the use of shared network drives and recommendations on how to move toward a solid ECM environment that supports an interactive, collaborative, and mobile workforce.

The Flavors of SharePoint: Which Is Right for You?

With options for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid installations, SharePoint provides many flexible implementation options. In this webinar, leading SharePoint implementation consultant Errin O’Connor will discuss the pros and cons of different SharePoint configurations, including: security and authentication; licensing considerations; training needs; and best practice recommendations, including when to turn to 3rd party applications or solutions to help make the transition to a new environment easier.

Dynamic Capture – Empowering the Mobile Workforce

White Paper

In this paper, we present the use of capture and workflow functionality in support of collaboration, process management, and information governance leveraging capture capabilities at the leading edge of a process.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Capture

Capture today is far more than scanning and mailroom automation; more than being a trigger for workflows. Capture applications must quickly and more accurately get all the information and data directly into your back-end processes. But what about the exceptions? In this webinar, we’ll discuss why it’s so important to quickly identify and recover from exceptions within the capture process. We’ll point out where mis-steps and mis-queues are most likely to occur, and offer tips and suggestions on how to mitigate them efficiently and effectively.

Protect the Content, Not The Location: Anywhere Security For a Hyper Connected World

White Paper

In this report, we look at information rights management (IRM) and how it works to protect content in motion and as well as at rest.

Document Process Intelligence: Extending BI and BPM to Improve Document-Centric Business Processes

White Paper

In this report we look at potential benefits of Document Process Intelligence - the ability to monitor document-centric business processes even when no BPM is available - the issues users consider a priority, and the benefits they have achieved. The report provides recommendations on how to evaluate and proceed in evaluating and selecting document process intelligence solutions.

Consumerization of IT: When Productivity Trumps Control

Digital transformation is here, and it’s bringing the consumerization of IT to our doorstep. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can increase productivity bring your teams together in the process. We’ll examine how to: collaborate in the cloud; allow customization without IT developer intervention; automate your workflows; drive action and insight; and accelerate your success.

ECM Decisions – Strategic Options for Managing, Accessing and Preserving Content

In this infographic, we set out six key points to consider for the future of your ECM or SharePoint system, along with survey findings as to how the rest of the AIIM community are making their strategy  choices. Use this to kick-start discussion in your organization.
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