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What I know about the Target and Equifax breaches

Bryce Austin, Technology Executive, Best-selling Author, and Cybersecurity Expert

Bryce Austin offers solid advice for engaging the hearts and minds of your executives on the topics that they often overlook in the board room.

Does Your C-Suite Care about Information Governance?

Susan Bennett, Principal, Sibenco Legal & Advisory

They will if you tie it to Organizational Objectives. To say that Information Governance is "just good business" will not change the hearts and minds of the workers who just don't care about it. Even executives need to understand why and how a governance structure will lead to organizational goals being met before they can get excited about it.

AIIM Conference 2018 - Digital Government begins with Records Management Modernization

Laurence Brewer, Chief Records Officer, NARA and Lisa Haralampus, Director, Records Management Policy and Outreach, NARA

What you should know about NARA's big initiative. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Chief Records Officer, Laurence Brewer and his colleague, Lisa Haralampus explain why the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI) is so important to you and your organization. While this comprehensive records management procurement strategy is largely designed for federal agencies, its approach to ensuring that solution providers can demonstrate Universal ERM Requirements functionality, is applicable to public and private sector organizations.

AIIM Conference 2018 - Content on Demand: findable, accessible, and secure

David Basso, VP Sales & Marketing, Systemware and Andrea Chiappe, Strategic Consultant, Broadridge Financial

Content represents a treasure trove of value when it comes to enhancing customer experiences, improving customer response times and enabling business innovation. Learn about the Broadridge vision for providing its workers with secure and shared access to enterprise content no matter where it resides.

Innovation and Affordability in Healthcare

Dan Abdul, VP Data Strategy & Commercial Implementation, United Health Group

Enter the era of the bot! Despite Washington's unsuccessful attempts to overhaul the US healthcare system, digital disruption and transformation in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ailments is afoot. Bots already answer medical questions via live chat apps; Amazon's Alexa already suggests the best local clinic for your child; state-of-the-art imaging already detects cancer before most radiologists can see it. This affordable and innovative level of care runs on intelligent information and is quickly defining the leaders in healthcare today.

Digital Transformation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow, Futurist, Thought Leader

We are at the threshold of a profound algorithmic revolution, that will change the structure of industries, the design of companies, and the role of 21st century leaders.  The digital revolution drove the transformation of traditional, industrial era companies to become more like internet companies - embracing data, A/B testing, short cycle times, and distributed decision making.

Moving from Legacy ECM to IIM: you’ve got the power

Dan Abdul, VP Data Strategy & Commercial Implementation, United Health Group, Andrea Chiappe, Strategic Consultant, Broadridge Financial Group, Kashyap Kompella, CEO & Principal Analyst, rpa2ai, Facilitated by Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder & Principal Analyst, Deep Analysis

In an AI world, where deep learning completely shrinks the development time -- while amping up the computing power, do content management capabilities become irrelevant and obsolete? The answer is no.

What's in a Name? Intelligent Information Management

Anna Wilson and Monty Powell, Award-Winning Nashville singers/songwriters

What’s in a Name? Very often, the first piece of information we have about something is its label. Upon hearing it, we tend to form judgements very quickly, and those judgements build up. So, that first bit of information is pretty important. Intelligent Information Management (IIM) is AIIM’s new label for a core set of information-driven capabilities that are necessary for achieving business transformation. What does that really mean, and how do we explain it, embrace it and evangelize it?

Intelligent Information Management – Platinum Hit? Or Just Background Muzak?

John Mancini, CIP, Chief Evangelist, AIIM

In our opening session, we challenged our musical capabilities as we considered IIM and acknowledged that upon hearing a label, we tend to form judgments quickly, and those judgments build up. AIIM Chief Evangelist John Mancini promises NOT to sing, but he WILL review the latest AIIM market research about Digital Transformation and Intelligent Information Management.

AIIM On Air Podcast: AIIM18 Review

Episode 63 - Kevin Craine speaks with a variety of attendees at AIIM18 including keynote speaker Mike Walsh, Kathy Malloy Records and Information manager for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. Hear Torey Hunt from Adlib Software, and Paula and Tony from ABBYY, as well as quick interviews with AIIM members attending the conference.

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