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How to Analyze Email Costs

How to Develop, Deploy, and Maintain a Business Classification Scheme (BCS)

In general, one of the best ways to organize and manage information is to simply put closely related items together in groups or collections. The task then moves to labeling and relating each of these groups and collections into a master arrangement that makes the most sense for the organization of business to which this information belongs or is important. The creation of such a classification schemes is key for helping organizations organize knowledge. With a well-defined classification scheme, information is made more accessible and can be searched with greater ease. Business classification schemes can be considered a form of taxonomy and are often associated with categorization.

A business classification can bring a level of standardization to the way information is identified and managed, thereby making it easier to manage the information overall. For instance, providing access permissions to the information the individual needs to perform tasks can more easily be provided. This is made easier by applying those permissions to the grouping or collection defined in the classification. Classification may also help reduce the risks in your organization by ensuring that all pieces of information “have a place” to live. Properly developed classification schemes can also help determine and apply the appropriate retention periods and disposition procedures in accordance with the regulations and guidance for your organization.

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