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AIIM TR11-1987 R1998, Microfilm Jacket Formatting and Loading Techniques

This technical report has been prepared to provide guidelines and information for the formatting and loading of microfilm jackets.

AIIM ARP-1-2009, Analysis, Selection, and Implementation of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

This industry recommended practice presents a set of procedures and activities, which should be considered and/or performed during all aspects of analyzing, selecting and implementing electronic document management systems.  Using the information contained in this document will enable the organization to consider all of the recommended steps, procedures, and activities highly recommended for EDMS projects, thereby significantly improving the project results.  

AIIM MS1-1996, Standard Recommended Practice for Alphanumeric Computer-Output Microforms - Operational Practices for Inspection and Quality Control

This standard is a revision of ANSI/AIIM MS1-1988. The revision is necessary because new standards have been issued and referenced standards have been changed since the previous edition of MS1. In addition, other changes have been made to improve the presentation of information.

AIIM MS11-R1993, Microfilm Jackets

This standard defines the dimensions, operational constraints and other basic characteristics of the microfilm jacket.

AIIM MS14-1996, Standard Recommended Practice - Specifications for 16mm and 35mm Roll Microfilm

This standard specifies physical characteristics, formats, placement, and orientation of 16mm and 35mm roll microfilm produced as a result of source document and computer-output microfilming.

AIIM MS 18-R1998, Micrographics - Splices for Imaged Microfilm - Dimensions and Operational Constraints

This standard covers the requirements for splicing processed microfilm and leaders and trailers, independent of film width or type of base support. This standard does not apply to unprocessed microfilm.

AIIM MS19 -1993, Standard Recommended Practice - Identification of Microforms

This standard identifies ways of identifying microforms of private or public records.

AIIM MS23-2004, Standard Recommended Practice - Production, Inspection, and Quality Assurance of First-Generation, Silver Microforms of Documents

This document identifies and discusses the qualitative characteristics of first-generation silver gelatin microforms and the methods to attain, maintain, and measure levels of quality.

AIIM MS24-1996 R2002, Standard Test Target for Use in Microfilming Source Document Engineering Graphics on 35 mm Microfilm

This standard specifies the minimum test target elements used by a 35mm planetary microfilm camera when microfilming source document engineering graphics. This standard also specifies for these test target elements the composition and other criteria that addresses routine usage for testing.

AIIM MS26-1990, 35 mm Planetary Cameras (top-light)-Procedures for determining Illumination Uniformity of Microfilming Engineering drawings

This standard specifies the minimum test target elements and their criteria to be used in determining the uniformity of illumination on the copy board of a 35 mm planetary camera. This standard deals exclusively with top-light and does not address the use of back-light.

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