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AIIM TR9-2000, Color Microforms

This technical report outlines the present status of commercially available color microfilm processes, technologies and techniques, and will be revised as appropriate to keep abreast of the new materials and equipment introduced to handle them.  Copy processes used in color micrographics and throughout the micrographics industry are used for the preservation and subsequent reproduction of color source materials. These materials include both colored and color-coded documents such as maps, charts, graphic materials, industrial and commercial catalogs, educational materials, engineering schematics, wiring diagrams, and a variety of other subjects.

The micro-recording in color of color source materials has been attempted since the origins of commercially applied microfilm because such documents lose information content when recorded on black-and-white materials. Until quite recently, material and procedure technology used for color micrographics had not progressed to a level that would permit the majority of the above-mentioned subjects to be microfilmed in color. Improvements in optical technology, reproduction and duplication procedures, and the resolution capability, long-term keeping properties and dye stability of color microfilms (see Annex B) have added considerable breadth to the capabilities of color processes. Thus, there has been a corresponding growth of interest in color micrographics, its technology, advantages, and its present and future applications.

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